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I Shaved Off My Beard Today

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    Re: I Shaved Off My Beard Today

    Originally posted by BubbleGum View Post
    Fire Fighter? Coroner?

    In your case the skeptisism is understandable. Can you change a flat tire? or do you call AAA.

    My beard has never gotten in the way of changing a tyre.


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      Originally posted by truepath View Post
      Growing beard has been prescribed as sunnah and has been stressed in many ahadith. However, the love of prophet has not taken place in every corner of the hearts hence majority of muslims shave n imitate kuffar, rather than imitation their noble master pbuh because their are too impressed by the lifestyle of kuffar. So growing beard thing is 'just' sunnah to them.

      A person shud remember one thing tho, that one who imitates a particular people in this world will be standing with the same ppl on the Day of Judgement.

      May allah guide the believers.
      This. I have noticed in other countries including the gulf most of them keep short trimmed beards.
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