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Society is too hard on the youngsters

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    Re: Society is too hard on the youngsters

    Originally posted by firestar101 View Post
    You are wrong in your approach
    Oh really..??? And I suppose your approach, whatever that is, is highly successful..??? Don't assume everyone is exactly like you. I made a pragmatic and realistic strategy cos I know my kids better than even they know themselves. Something else you and a lot of youngsters on here seem to forget when you're always banging on about "me, me, me, me....", is that your parents were also your age once upon a time millions of years ago. We parents know what it's like out there. Doesn't matter if it's in a modern western metropolis or an Eastern country village.


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      Re: Society is too hard on the youngsters

      Originally posted by hadmatter View Post
      i was exaggerating but believe or not it happens a lot. And what a lot of parents consider "mistakes" aren't actually likely to happen because most of them are unaware of the cultural shift from how things were when they were young to how things are now. for example "you'll be laughed at if you marry a girl from that tribe" in reality 1no one actually cares about that stuff but their generation. And yes its true sometimes things work out sometimes they don't thats part of life. 2Adults are not *children*. You can advise them but you cant control them.
      1) You'd be surprised, it happens a lot and people do care.What do women have to do other then household work and gossip? Most parents use excuses like caste. if they think the other family is good enough or something. Sure some parents are overly specific, but then you're exaggerating a lot.

      2) Yes they are, I might grow to be the size of a telephone pole and be 40 years old but will still be a child to my parents. A parents child (to them/in their eyes) never grows up to be an adult.

      And you'd be surprised how many stupid people there are in this world and the stupid decisions the make when looking for a bride. It is the age of stupidity. As humanity gets smarter, individuals get stupider. It doesn't hurt to be careful.