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We need dua but also action

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  • We need dua but also action


    How many times do you see suffering Muslims. Next door. But all you can say is "May Allah help her/him?" And you move on closing your eyes to it.

    You can't help with your income? Your strength? Your time?

    Why do we all not see the ones who need us? Why are we so disconnected from our own Ummah? Why do people watch others suffer?

    How many times do you enter the mosque and actually pay attention to the Muslims there? Not the ones you speak with everyday and share ur culture with but the one who looks lonely and has no one to talk to?

    Do you ever try to make a Muslim happy? Who looks sad..,

    Yesterday I met a sister who said this to me

    "You are the first Muslim who spoke to me" the rest don't bother.

    I looked at her in the eyes and I just got tears in my eyes. Every Friday while u are putting ur best clothes on and going to fancy restaurants wit ur family after prayer there are Muslims like that sister who are alone. Who wait for someone to say Salam to them.

    What happened to this Ummah? And u want help Syria and Palestine? Walahee you are lying to ur selves.

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    Re: We need dua but also action

    :jkk: habibty.

    so true.

    we are so selfish and caught up in this dunya.

    may Allah help us to change our conditions. ameen
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    Gone with the wind.


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      Re: We need dua but also action

      Walaikum salaam

      It really really annoys me when someone says that

      May ALLAH help them and so on. Not that they should not

      But seriously it is like we say that for everything. Just so we are excused from doing anything
      Ya Muqallib Al-Quloob Thabbit Qalbi Alaa Deenik
      ( O changer of hearts, keep my heart steadfast on your deen)



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