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Hay fever - summer blast

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  • Hay fever - summer blast

    Asalamu alaykum everyone,

    So the summer is here in London, or (lack of - been raining today) .....aaaand I've been hit with major hayfever.

    SubhanAllah, I know I shouldn't complain but I feel drained literally, morning and evening.

    My eyes become all droopy
    I'm tired
    Runny nose
    Loss of apetite
    Itchy eyes and itchy nose
    SubhanAllah. May Allah cure me and others suffering from this, anyone know of any natural remedies to curb this allergic reaction?
    Seriously. I'm not exaggerating but this is draining me so much
    We have tablets but I prefer not to take them - I might do so though because I can't handle it anymore

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    Re: Hay fever - summer blast

    When I was young, everyone around me had hay fever
    They say good things come to those who wait, so imma be at least an hour late


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      Re: Hay fever - summer blast

      Aww my mum has hayfever, at school many of my friends had it. Looks like a real pain in the backside to have, I feel sorry for people who have to deal with it.


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        Re: Hay fever - summer blast

        Apparently having locally produced honey is good for hay fever. It's what my mum does >_>
        Also maybe wearing a Niqab part time could help??
        Pray. Fast. Zakat. Pilgrimage. Allah.


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          Re: Hay fever - summer blast

          Yes, having locally produced honey will help a lot. But even the ones you get in Tesco's will be better than nothing.

          I know a brother who has a major hay-fever problem, and I advised him to take honey and it has helped him loads.


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            Re: Hay fever - summer blast

            As salam alaykum
            There are a lot of farm shops around London, I brought some for the Mr and it worked well Masha'Allah. And it tasted

            If I can remember where I got it from ill send a link insha'Allah

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