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Backbiting Dilemna

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  • Backbiting Dilemna

    How do you all avoid backbiting? I think I'm pretty good at stopping my tongue on most occasions but situations come up and I feel as if I have to vent my frustrations to my husband. For example if I had a not so great experience with a friend where she did something to offend me or I want to discuss her character, is that backbiting? Also Is discussing someones personal issues considered backbiting?

    Perhaps this is a personality flaw so to speak and there is something else I can adjust to prevent backbiting. I just feel that I can't help it sometimes and I need to vent to someone I can trust about certain situations. What do you guys do to avoid backbiting?

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    Re: Backbiting Dilemna

    Islam staunchly opposes backbiting. If you read more on backbiting you'll be surprised to read that even praising someone in their absence is considered a sin and it can be considered a form of backbiting.

    So imagine saying something bad, even if it's true it equals to eating the flesh of your dead brother. Subhanallah isn't it creepy.

    No one is perfect and it's human nature to sin but just say astaqfruallah.

    If you want to to take things off your chest that's fine just b careful you don't fall into extreme backbiting where the Shaytan makes speak about someone nonstop.

    But if u are seeking advise about a matter it's allowed to talk to someone.