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Effect of comparison on child's mind!

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  • Effect of comparison on child's mind!


    I was not sure where to post, cos it's related to raising children.

    I just wanted express an opinion. No, I don't have any kids, but this opinion is from the experience of my own life.

    Parents often scold their children and compare them with the kids who do really well at school or at sports. I fear this comparison, this relentless scolding can lead to children losing confidence, feeling inferiority complex and continuous need for self-appreciation. He or she may always have difficulties dealing with challenges. They may get success through determination at one stage, but life always gives you one challenge after another, so at some stage, despite the previous success, they may doubt their ability and feel tremendously inferior.

    So, my request to parents, don't compare your children to others. If they are deficient at something, to be too negative on that. Try to always ring positive words in their head. Positivity is a major major key. Through positivity, most kids generally overcome their deficiencies.

    Please don't take this post wrongly, I just wanted request you because I want all children to have a better future.

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    Re: Effect of comparison on child's mind!



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      Re: Effect of comparison on child's mind!

      It is true I agree with your post. Comparing your kids to others has quite a few negative impacts. Unfortunately, some parents think the opposite. They think that by comparing their children to someone else's, it is a motivating factor for their own children to do better. That is such wrong thinking in my opinion.

      When my brother and I used to get compared to other kids in the community, we would just say, "go make them your children instead of us" so, negative reaction lol. Hopefully parents can get out of this bad habit.
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        Re: Effect of comparison on child's mind!

        This should be raised seriously amongst parents as I suffered a lot with this.

        I know my parents especially mum loves me alot but I hate hate it when she compares me to someone

        This drifted me away from a good friend of mine because mum would compare us sooo much
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