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UK has 'sexist culture'

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  • UK has 'sexist culture'

    The UK has a "boys' club sexist culture", a UN investigator looking at violence against women has said.

    Rashida Manjoo is on a visit to the UK, studying its approach to the issue.

    She said sexism was worse in the UK than in other places, and warned that the government's austerity measures were having a "disproportionate impact" on women's risk of violence.

    The government said it wanted to end violence against women, and had ring-fenced £40m for support services.

    Ms Manjoo made her comments as she presented her preliminary findings, before she is due to report back to the UN Human Rights Council.

    The part-time professor in public law at the University of Cape Town raised fears that sexual bullying and harassment in schools was "routine".

    She said sexism in the UK was more "in your face" than in other countries, and raised serious concerns about the portrayal of women and girls in the media.

    She said the British media was responsible for "negative and over-sexualised portrayals of women", with some websites and TV channels dealing in the "marketisation of their bodies".

    Ms Manjoo said it was clear "there is a boys' club, sexist culture that exists, and it does lead to perceptions about women and girls in this country".
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