"Be quick in giving Sadaqah, as a calamity cannot over take Sadaqah" (Targhib).Treat your sick by Sadaqah, (as the best treatment for the sick lies in giving Sadaqah [Targhib].

Sadaqah foils vilifies, repels disease, increases virtues & prolongs life. Treat your anxieties & sorrows with Sadaqah; thereby, Allah Jalla Shanohu will mend your damages & help you against your enemies (Kanz).

When a person gives cloth to a Muslim to wear, he (giver) remains under the protection of Allah, as long as a rag of that cloth remains on the body of the wearer. Sadaqah subdues Allah’s wrath & protects one from tragic death.

Sadaqah guards against evil prompting from Shaitan at the time of death and protects one from uttering words of ingratitude under the influence of serious illness, & also prevents a tragic end.

Sadaqah cools down the heat of the grave & a man will be under the protective shade of his Sadaqah on the Day of Judgment. (Kanz). If the Sadaqah is in large quantity, the shade will also be large. Sadaqah destroys sins just as water extinguishes fire (Mishkaat)