A man was driving while his father was on the passenger seat. They were in a long queue during the rush hour & they were getting late. Suddenly someone from the left lane came very close & forced his car in front of them. The man's father shouted, "Press the horn, what is this man doing!" His son calmly replied, "It is ok dad, he is my class fellow" His father got calmed at this reply.

After sometime another person from the right lane did the same act dangerously & his father shouted again, "Press the horn!" The man replied," It is ok dad, he is a patient"

"Oh,...ok." His father got calmed again.

Later his father asked him, "Where was that person your class fellow ?" The son replied,"Well, we didn't study together anywhere, but at that time both of us belonged to the same class, i.e. of drivers"

"And what about that second person. How did you know that he was a patient ? He replied, "If he weren't a patient, he wouldn't have been driving in that manner"

He gave himself reasons to not lose his control over his temper at small unpleasant behavior of others.