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Should I do a midwifery degree?

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  • Should I do a midwifery degree?

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    Re: Should I do a midwifery degree?

    from what i know it is not haram. And you don't need to have children to be a mid-wife, there are a lot of pediatricans/obs/gyn doctors who don't have kids but they are fine at their job. in my opinion you should do it if thats what you want to do. And the whole rude part? i don't think thats true because there are lots of people in the room who see the birth. I don't think what they are doing is haram.


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      Re: Should I do a midwifery degree?

      You don't need to have children to be a midwife, you need skills and qualifications. If it's what you want to do, go for it :up: Don't let any excuses hold you back. What can be more rewarding than assisting pregnant women bring new life into the world?

      Why do you think people who will talk, and secondly, why do you care? I can't see why anybody would talk but if they do, let them. It shows you're life is obviously far more interesting than their own.

      Why is it rude to see other women give birth if you're helping? It's not like you'll be a stranger standing around with no purpose other than to gawp (that'd be rude and weird).... midwives are there to help and women NEED midwives, so can't see why it's rude.

      Being a midwife is also about soooo much more than just assisting the giving birth's about helping women through all parts of their pregnancy, for 9 months.


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        Re: Should I do a midwifery degree?

        Wa alaikum assalam

        Go for it. It would be so rewarding and you'd actually feel you're doing something positive and important :up:
        And strive because the sweetness of life lies in the struggle - Imam al-Shafi'i