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The slippery slope of ease & comfort (a true incident)

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  • The slippery slope of ease & comfort (a true incident)

    An army general & a religious scholar were in a meeting. When they were going out for zohr prayer, a soldier saluted at the General. While replying to his salute, the General noticed something in the soldier's shoes & immediately ordered him, "See me in my office after the prayer!".

    The scholar asked him the reason. He replied, "That soldier was not using the army standard shoe laces. Instead, he used laces that are easier to tie & untie "

    "Isn't it better to use those laces that are easier to tie & untie (as it would save time) ?" asked the scholar.

    The general replied, "We keep soldiers on their toes by making them used to of difficulties. If today we allow one ease/comfort they would tomorrow find themselves another one & more shortcuts will follow. Then how come we expect them to be ready for wars"

    The scholar replied, "I got my lesson"

    The only difference for me is that instead of forcing others, I have to target myself to increase the bar for myself. First, I shortened the dua after salah, then I totally removed it from life, then I started to skip nafil namaz also, next would be sunnah.....How can I give a good advice to my children about being patient & tough, when they see such a slippery slope of ease & comfort in my daily life matters...?!
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