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horrible nightmares - need advice

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  • horrible nightmares - need advice

    For the past year - 2 years i have been getting these really horrible nightmares. It gets so bad that i wake up screaming or my sister has to wake me up so i can stop screaming. these dreams have been mainly nightmares where i am screaming and crying because there has been some harm done to a family member or a loved one or i would start screaming when i feel/sense something evil around me that is trying to hurt me. i normally read the shahadah and surah ikhlas and surah al naas before sleeping but regardless
    i still get nightmares.

    another thing that i have noticed is that during the time i am dreaming and feel an unsafe/evil presence around me i tend to read surah al iklas, surah fatiha, surah al naas, ouzubillah and la illaha illallah muhammadurrasullalah so the evil can go away but this is the time i tend to scream in real life and either have my sister wake me up or i would wake up because i can hear myself screaming. life has been extremely stressful in the pass couple of years but i do have faith in Allah that it would get better but my dreams are really starting to worry me as this occurs almost every week and sometimes more then once a week.

    does anyone have any explanation for this? is there anything i can do to stop this from happening? and does anyone know what these dreams can mean?

    this is really starting to worry me so if anyone can help out or give some advice it would be really appreciated.

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    Re: horrible nightmares - need advice

    Similar things happened to me. Start reciting Surah Baqra in house.
    Read not to contradict and confute, not to believe and take for granted, not to find talk and discourse, but to weigh and consider. Inhale positive, exhale negative


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      Re: horrible nightmares - need advice

      How about reciting Ayatul Kursi before sleep as well.