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sisters denounced islam - what to do?

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  • sisters denounced islam - what to do?

    i have two younger sisters, when my mum found out she had terminal cancer her last wish was for us to become more Islamic, something my mum regretted she hadnt done, and to ask we pray for her once she passed away. My sister 2 years younger than me said it to my mothers face...that she doesnt believe in Islam. We were all shocked and heartbroken. My mum and dad got very depressed over this.

    3 years later after mum passed sister was going out a lot and wouldnt be home till 1 am, my fathers objections werent listened to, and he didnt know how to stop her. 4 months ago my sister made the shock announcement that she had found someone she liked...and was going to marry him. Well to be honest we were happy that she finally found someone.
    But unfortunately my sister had packed up all her belongings and had been slowly moving it into his place. The guy is not Muslim - he is a Sikh.
    Now i dont know what to do - my family are still talking to her but its pretty obvious she wont come back. shes been seeing him for 2 years and got engaged and shes living withi his family nnow
    sometimes she messages me to moan his family make her do chores etc...but i really dont know what to say...she got into that situation why moan about it...she can leave anytime and come back, but she refuses to come back.

    i need advice - as a Muslim should i still be in contact with her? some people say to cut her out completely, some say i need to still talk to her bring her back. Shes saying she wont convert to Sikhism but she will change her surname once married. Once shes married...thats it right?

    any idea what to do please? im absolutely distressed shes done this to my family after all we been through (and some family members feel sorry for her..i dont know why, i lost my mother too,,then my child...but i didnt go that way (Alhumdullilah)

    now my youngest sister has gone same way, said she doesnt believe in Islam, i am worried shes taking other sisters lead. what a horrible role model. Im the outside because i wear hijab and i try not to getm involved in their conversations about the latest band they want to go see or whos hot in what tv show. i dont have time for tv shows - i prefer my pakistani dramas and so out of touch with it i got no ideas who these new bands are.

    my poor father is so distraught its brought on his depression again. i dont know how to help him...and bring my youngest sister out of the other sisters influence

    help...islamic advice needed please, do i still talk to her...or not?

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    Re: sisters denounced islam - what to do?

    Talk to her and guide her back if it will help.

    Tell her that sikhism is just idol worship and that they have no set structure in their religion and so on.

    Tell her Islam is the one and only religion. And that this life is a test and will only last a while. The life of the hereafter is eternal with an eternal creator. The life of this world is just a few minutes or seconds in comparison.
    Ya Muqallib Al-Quloob Thabbit Qalbi Alaa Deenik
    ( O changer of hearts, keep my heart steadfast on your deen)


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      Re: sisters denounced islam - what to do?

      told her all of this...her response is she doesnt believe in islam and she wont convert to sikhism, i asked her what will happen whebn she has children..they will become sikh - no response.

      all she says is she will marry him, and Muslim men are useless because all they do is lecture the woman on what to wear - who to talk to - what she can do.


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        Re: sisters denounced islam - what to do?

        I would say educate her more about Islam and the role women play in it as she clearly dislikes the idea of being told what to wear and is attracted by the freedom of wearing what she wants. Explain to her why we wear Islamic clothing and so on. Use the Prohet's life and Quranic quotes as example.

        And pray for her immensely, other than that I don't see what you can do...
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          Re: sisters denounced islam - what to do?

          Explain to her to not be deluded by this world, to not give in to the temptations of this world and remind her of her mother's wish.

          There's this quote that I really like 'Iman is like an aeroplane ride, the higher you go, the smaller the things on this world look' - I don't know where its from but it's really touching.