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Should I do istilhara again?

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  • Should I do istilhara again?

    I did istikhara and the next day my two brothers were wearing rred/maroon so I thought to my self maybe that is the answer but I was unsure so I did it again.

    Then the second time In my dream I saw this green and white blanket I cannot actually remember the dream at all. But I definitely do remember seeing the green and white.

    Also I must add that on the second day after this dream I heard a knock in my head I woke up checked the time and it was spot on fajr time I got freaked a bit but damn at least I prayed my fajr prayer.

    Anyways what do you guys think should I do istikhara for a third time?

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    Re: Should I do istilhara again?

    It is upto you completely. I would say yes, do it for the full 7 days.


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      Re: Should I do istilhara again?

      Thanks for replying.
      Third day I never really got any sort of sign so I still have no idea. Though its strange how I usually never wake up for fajr yet these past three days when I have done stikhara I woke up and prayed my fajr namaz. Maybe thats a positive sign?