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I am currently engrossed in Islamic economic concept..........

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  • I am currently engrossed in Islamic economic concept..........


    This thread I made based on my googling recently. So may be a lot of assumptions here. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

    What's called sharia economic in today's world are not actually sharia. You name it, sharia banking, sharia insurance, sharia mortgage. They are all not sharia at all. Because they are all capitalism and capitalism is all riba-based

    Allah says in the Qur’an: “Allah has permitted trade and forbidden riba (2:275)”

    If we still make a transaction with banknote, it means we are still gonna trapped in this secular-based economy. Just imagine, if all countries are obliged to change their currency into gold/silver money (dinar, dirham, you name it) I believe most of them will collapse. Because banknote has fake value.

    So, to get back to Islamic economic world, we need to revive the salaf tradition by doing trading. We buy and sell things with real money (gold, silver). No bank, no insurance, no mortgage. When you lose, you lose, and when you profit, you profit.

    All those "sharia" things today are just deception. We don't realize that it's riba under the "Islamic" name. But they are as haraam as riba in jahiliyyah era. We contend that Riba is a system, not just merely a contract. This is because Riba has developed and evolved over the centuries into a complex system that affects all aspects of the economy and therefore it is crucial to understand Riba in the context of those instruments and institutions that make Riba possible such as banks, credit/paper money, central banks, financial markets and other financial institutions and instruments.

    Question is, can muslims unite and change the whole kuffar system?

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    Re: I am currently engrossed in Islamic economic concept..........

    Paper Money is one of those things that has messed us up.
    I think Imran Hosein ( I know people have different opinions about him ) has a nice lecture of the monetary system.
    It is a good listen i think.

    Youtube channel -

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