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My sister MIGHT go to jail. I need advice

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  • My sister MIGHT go to jail. I need advice

    Asalamu Alaikum

    My sister had a psychoic episode and attacked this boy who claimed to love her. However he called the police thinking they would hospitalize her but insted they arrested her and placed a stay away on her. H and she continued to talk. We told her many times to not to because she may go to jail but she said it would not matter because he would not tell anyone. She believed she was in 'love'. She then finally turned to Allah and now is getting better. He became angry with the lack of attention she was giving him and so in order to calm him down and not have him go to the police because he began threatening her , she spoke to him via email. Now h says his mother is threatening to give all copies of emails and calls to the police and have her arrsted.
    I know she sinned before that was because she staryed away from Allah. Now she has returned to ALlah and is trying to get better. She is trying to move away from this boy. I am afraid what if she goes to jail now because of this. We are praying that she does not. She prays five times and makes dikhr. Is there anything else we can do?

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    Re: My sister MIGHT go to jail. I need advice

    I'd suggest getting some legal advice from someone qualified. If you are in the UK do a search online and maybe find a free legal centre close to you who could offer assistance.

    Perhaps you/your sister could gather your own evidence on how she is being threatened.

    Breaching an order often results in slapped wrists...being sent to jail seems a little far fetched to me. Although again seek professional advice.


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      Re: My sister MIGHT go to jail. I need advice

      Agree with zi-zizou, keep all the emails because even though she broke the order it shows him blackmailing and threatening her. Best thing to do to end this whole him/her thing, for her to escape him is to take everything to a solicitor and take it from there.