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Sacrificing knowledge, for parents

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  • Sacrificing knowledge, for parents

    Asalaamu alaykum

    I have the opportunity to study islaam at medina university. I am newly practicing, but born muslim. Recently, I found out that I might have a good chance to start islamic studies in the summer in medina, free of charge with a small allowance. Looking back at my non-practicing lifestyle, I am able to handle most of the changes. The one thing though which troubles me immensely, is my relationship with my parents. I have a lot of resentment towards them, for their mistreatment of me over the years. As a result of that mistreatment I have not been good to them, in fact you can say I have been bad to them. Recently however, maybe because of maturation or insight from allaah, I have been able see the positive side of them. As a result, my heart softened a small amount, and my resentment went down a small amount. But being the bi polar person that I am, I take the smallest kindness and run with it, so I decided, that come august I would dedicate myself towards mending my relationship with them and than potentially doing what Allaah wants of me of serving them and being good to them. Please don't say you might die tonight because Allaah knows my situation.

    The dilemma I have is that I actually have a chance an amazing chance of bettering myself as a muslim, by studying islaam abroad. For someone who has spent their entire life in secular education, I need to fear for myself a little bit as I'm getting old and need to start rectifying myself, and I can only do this by studying islaam. Some people need understanding to practice, others hear and obey.

    So do I go, Or do I stay.

    Somethings come to mind, Allaah forgives sins just by repenting from them, without you compensating for those sins by doing lots of compensatory actions

    The only servants who fear allaah are the 'ulamaa (faatir)

    Paradise lies under your mother's feet

    Being good to parents is many times said after tawheed

    This seems conflicting Please advice

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    You are also helping them by going to study islam. Have you been accepted


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      Re: Sacrificing knowledge, for parents

      Why not ask your parents if they're comfortable with you going?
      If they are, then go.
      If not, then stay and be good to them.

      As AhlulQuran88 has mentioned, you will benefit your parents by studying. They will get reward for it. It will also help you to come closer to your parents because in your coming closer to Allah , your own heart will grow softer and closer to them as well :insha: .


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        Re: Sacrificing knowledge, for parents

        Would your parents be able to take care of themselves while you are away during the time of your studies?

        Do not invest your hopes in anyone but Allah and do not fear anything but the consequences and repercussions of your sins!

        Uthmaan R.A


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          Re: Sacrificing knowledge, for parents

          This thread brings back memories ... now I feel sad all over again.

          I wana do exactly what you have the opportunity to do but can't for many reasons, the biggest reason is the lack of mahram and travelling distance requires mahram.

          All the other reasons such as parent's consent, money etc I could work on and eventually get my way. Sighs.

          I hope you get to take this opportunity. May Allah make you an obedient/loving daughter and a knowledgeable slave of His. Ameen.
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