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The Third Parent (Televison) - Muhammah Ash Shareef

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  • The Third Parent (Televison) - Muhammah Ash Shareef

    The Third Parent (Televison)


    Muhammad Alshareef

    the Most High - states, it is part of our belief that we shall be questioned and are responsible for the following:

    - said, on the Day of Repayment, no one will move until they are asked about three things ... "And his youth - what he exhausted it with?"

    to the family and as he left he noticed the son - who was 7 years old at the time - slacked out on his stomach, chin locked in his two hands, staring deathly at the TV. He says, when he returned after a full 4 years, he entered the same house and found the same boy slacked out on his stomach, chin locked in his two hands, staring deathly at the TV - only now he was 4 years older.
    Today - - we would like to speak about TV and it's dark side. It is not our intention to make you race home to throw the TV off the balcony - although that would be nice. It is our hope that you will leave today with a better understanding of the destructive nature the TV has on a persons life and hereafter, not only his own, but also his family and children.

    In there is a principle that says, that 'The means takes the same ruling as the intention of what is trying to be attained.' A Television set, with the wires, screen, box, and plug is nothing more than a means. It is what is trying to be attained by that box that makes it or . Similar to a gun, something that can be used for noble purposes, such as defending one's land from aggression, or can be a means of considerable harm - especially when given to a child.

    In an Arab ESL class, the teacher - as his opening class - would ask the students what English words were taken from the Arabic. A few hands would jerk up and say things like, 'Chemistry from ', Algebra from AlGebr, Physics from ', etc.' Then he would interestingly ask them what Arabic words were taken from the English, the answers come quick, ' from Radio, Dosh from Satellite Dish, and of course 3/227:
    ), morals and the state of society.

    This is because it includes the presentation of bad morals, tempting scenes, immoral pictures, semi-nakedness, destructive speech, and Kufr
    In Ummah - said, The would quote this Ummah with a - and his companions - - why aren't we coming to the and Fiqhthe Most HighHow do reconcile those verses with the television that assaults our eyes with - told us, Muslimah that he saw on his younger sister!' Then she collapsed sobbing again."

    Everything starts with a look / and big fires start from a little spark.

    Turn OFF TV, Turn ON Life

    After a gruelling first year in the Faculty of the Most High - to increase us in it's ignorance.'

    Some people argue that TV is just a harmless avenue of entertainment and that there should not be a big deal made about it. It is interesting however that we see in that what is more deadly than is Bid'ah. Why you ask? Because when someone does like eating pork, he knows it is Bid'ahdhikr and wird, da'wah
    There is rest only in the aakhira.
    Man will rest in the aakhira according to how hard he strives in dunya.

    - Khaalid Ibn Al Waleed (ra) -

    If you find yourself in a time where speech is regarded as knowledge,
    and knowledge is regarded as deeds,
    then you are in the worst of times, with the worst of people.

    - Abu Hazim Al Ashja'i (ra) -

    I saw a dog without any clothes on .
    That's right, a nude dog.
    The Deepweb is disgusting.
    - Unknown -

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