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Problems With my Father - ADVICE PLEASE

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  • Problems With my Father - ADVICE PLEASE

    Please PM.
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    Re: Problems With my Father - ADVICE PLEASE

    I think you need to seek a professional opinion on this.

    It seems that his behavior is eroding your patience and effecting your own emotions negatively. This happens after some time, especially when its a member of your family.

    Discuss obtaining outside professional help with your mother or other members of your family.

    It's not easy to be in your situation, that's for sure. Take it one step at a time and try not to be confrontational as much as possible, this can only make things worse. Take care.


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      Re: Problems With my Father - ADVICE PLEASE

      I think you shouldn't worry about 'inheriting' bipolar from your dad, try not to dwell on stuff like that. I know a good pious brother whose father has bipolar and I can see minor traits in the pious brother that are associated with bipolar (his tendency to talk and talk and talk incessantly and how obsessed he gets when researching something to read up every single thing he can get his hands on) but mashaAllah he is of good character, strong in his deen and it seems that most of the time he finds a positive way to channel those bursts of obsessive energy so that it hasn't become a destructive force in his life and is just one of his idiosyncrasies. If you feel heightened emotions then don't assume that you're 'becoming' like your father, I presume living in the same house and being closely related to someone with a mental illness will bring out such difficult emotions in anyone it's not a sign that there's anything wrong with you.

      I don't want to give you false hope but i do know a non Muslim who has recovered from bipolar through taking a few simple natural supplements available on the high street. Occasionally if she is concerned about changes in herself then she does still take her bipolar meds to try to stabilise her moods etc but she is much less reliant on those than she used to be because she treated the underlying infection that triggered the bipolar whereas anti psychotic or mood stabiliser type drugs only suppress the symptoms (though I realise at times they are necessary). Does he have other health issues aside from the bipolar such as extreme fatigue, joint pain, gut/digestion issues, tinnitus etc? You can contact me if you want further info on how she treated this but of course your father would have to be willing to try and you'd have to make sure he's not allergic to what he takes.

      I realise it's very hard to not take his hurtful comments personally, but sadly it is most likely that it is his illness talking. The problem is that his illness has become so integral to the person he is now and as you never saw him before he developed this condition, so you can't differentiate or gauge what kind of person he would be without the illness. How old was he when he first started exhibiting symptoms and do any other members of his family have mental health conditions as well? I think it's good that you tried ruqya and you should make sure that there is no taweez in the house.
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