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  • Your bro or not your bro

    My younger brother is a qualified pharmacist. We use to get along, but ever since he started going to university in Leicester he has started acting differently. I am sure it is because of the friends he made there, He is more extrovert but lacks religious convictions. So is easily mislead. He spent the first year living with some white non muslims.

    I dont feel im backbiting, maybe a little, but im just a bit worried for him and myself.

    The first time he came back from uni, this was like over ten years ago, i felt as though it wasnt my brother but someone else, and instead of islamic greeting he greeted me with "dont get paranoid". After this we never really spoke much. Its as though he had sold us out and thought he had "moved up".

    Ever since he has acted like a different person.

    Even to this day, especially after qualifying you never know who he is, is it your brother or some one else. Always putting on some kind of front. He is known to be a player but its almost freaky. Each person has an "aura" a persona, but with him its like his persona changes like a TV channel, you look at him and he reminds you of your uncle, then your dad, then an acquantance. Its like hes just a bag of tricks, but we would this is shaytaan baazi. Deliberately confusing people, tricking them, whispering behind their back. I cant remember the last time I felt at peace in my own house. Now I wouldnt blame it totally on him but he is a part of the reason.

    Now to get ahead in this day and country you do have to be smart and sometimes clever but you must know your limits. This is like someones given a child a machine gun.

    I wouldnt really care to be honest because i dont like his attitude but just recently he has started to actually intimdate me in my own house, doing mumbo jumbo behind my back and pretty sure some times when I experience confusion or pain its because of something he has done or is involved with. I have friends who are pharmacists who have given me varied advice from moving out to just ignoring him. but moving out is hard due to finances and ignoring him is out the question as its like hes 'attacking' me and I have to keep defending myself.

    So the question is that could be some kind of possesion or just a case of keeping the wrong friends. I am quite sure that it is due to influence from outside, either other pharmacists or demons, But they always seem to be telling him to get in my way or to mess up anything I am doing, be it a job, looking for a wife trying to earn a living. Or trying to turn others around me against me.

    Respect for elders has no place with them, they think because they are qualified people they can do whatever they want. This has made my life a misery, not being to do anything with the constant worry that they might either do something to you behind your back or mess things up using their influence and position. Its like daylight robbery from the moment I wake up.

    I think sometimes you have to share these concerns as this is something ive more or less kept to myself but its a problem I feel is getting out of hand.

    Are there any duas I can pray to protect me from people like this.
    Salaams, I understand this is a religious forum and as a result their may be some very religious folk or sensitive folk on here. As I result I need to ask that my comments/posts if found offensive in anyway then please dont read them otherwise take with a pinch of salt. I do not wish to get into a serious argument over religious issues which I believe are either black or white.

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    Re: Your bro or not your bro

    Recite the four Quls


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      Re: Your bro or not your bro

      So in effect you are really jealous of him and have a inferiority complex because he is a pharmacist?

      Seriously, just concentrate on yourself.