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Rugya Islamic Exorcism

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  • Rugya Islamic Exorcism

    Lool so I stumbled across this on youtube, and I was so curious I had to click on it....And I must say this one had me laughing abit..SUBHANALLAH though..I liked the part where it says the shihada at the end
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    O people who take pleasure in a life that will vanish, falling in love with a fading shadow is sheer stupidity~ Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya

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    Re: Rugya Islamic Exorcism

    Salam Brothers and Sisters -in- Islam!

    If any one wants to learn in detail about Islamic Exorcism i.e RUQYA, please visit the following website created by Dr.Hassan, an eminent Quranic Exorcist and Black Magic Buster:

    This website gives in detail about the causes of black magic,stages of black magic, harmful effects of black magic and how black magic can be cured through Quran and Sunnat of Prophet Mohammed (Peace of Allah be upon him)!
    Wishing all my muslim brothers and sisters a peaceful, happy and harmonious life free from evil effects of black magic!


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      Re: Rugya Islamic Exorcism

      Brothers and sisters, please do not look at this website. When it comes to healing people from jinn there are many who will rip you off and make your illness worse. Most people who claim that they can cure magic lie! Please do not do things like wearing a taweez because this is not from our religion. If you would like to gain more knowledge on this matter, please search !Diaries of an exorcist" on youtube. Also, the man who is doing ruqya on the video is not reliable please do not seek help from him.

      Assalamu Alykum