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  • Muslims Are Video

    some of those searches made me sick....we should all google islam is peace or something positive about islam so that that becomes thetop search...... imagine someone interested and getting sidetracked because they are reading articles from the islam is evil when they were initially going to type islam is peace


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    Re: Muslims Are Video

    It's sad, but what can we do? The media is already brainwashed people enough to make them hate us...Oh well though what they don't know is we are living a religion of peace
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    O people who take pleasure in a life that will vanish, falling in love with a fading shadow is sheer stupidity~ Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya


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      Re: Muslims Are Video


      Majority prefer bad news over good new.
      Falsehood over truth. Those who are sincere can sift true the nonsense and see the bigotry.
      Those who aren't find exactly what they are looking for in those articles
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      Away for a bit :wavey: