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Multiple Problems in a Muslim Teen's life?

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  • Multiple Problems in a Muslim Teen's life?

    As-salam alaykum brothers and sisters,

    Before I start, thank you for all that you all do. May Allah grant you jannah. It means alot.

    My name is Ashar, I'm a 13 year old living in Canada, I have had struggles with living in the west and being a Muslim.

    1. MUST talk to girls in school

    I know that in Islam it is haram to talk to girls/women, or have psychical contact, and in school, in gym class, we dance and that type of thing and we have to hold hands and such, I feel uncomfortable. How should I approach this? Also, I have talked to 1 or 2 girls about like "What do we have for next period?" type of things and such. Some of them have gotten mixed signals and are thinking of the wrong idea. All I tell them is, "I'm a muslim, that's not allowed. Astaghfirullah." Type of thing, also, in religion, the teacher told the class that muslim men are virgins until marriage and pre-marital sexual contact is not allowed. After that, of course, the girls are trying to persuade me. I just say that im a muslim but they still dont get it. they say that its no big deal and that type of stuff. What should I do?

    2. My school takes up a good portion of the day, I miss Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr. I do leave early on fridays to pray jummah but I don't feel right not praying. I want to be the best muslim I can be but also the best student. What should I do?

    2.1. I pray at school, I bring my prayer mat and pray Dhuhr during recess but not asr. People are really rude and step on the mat and spit on it and make fun of our beloved prophet (PBUH) One kid even google image searched Jesus and Muhammad and showed the photos in my face. Also, nobody takes prayer seriously except my friends, who are a handful, they defend me and Islam, but are hopeless against them. My friends are amazing and they stand by the mat to make sure no one steps on it. What should I do?

    4. This isn't really a question but wanted to tell you all something, my best friend who is a Christian, is very interested in Islam, I have even taken him to the mosque and things, he is the one who always defends the prophet (PBUH) and Allah (swt). Could everyone please make dua for him so he may convert someday? That is his dream.

    Thank you for all your time may allah (swt) grant you all here jannah and pious life. JazakAllah.

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    Re: Multiple Problems in a Muslim Teen's life?


    Mashallah! Ashar is a cool name :up:. I'm Brent; nice to meet you. :)

    Ok, inshallah, I'll respond to each of the four sections [that you posted] one by one.

    1) About the dancing situation, it's hard for me to say what to do because I don't know the policies of your school board and how it deals with situations that are sensitive to particular religions. Perhaps you could have your parent(s)/guardian call your school's principal and get the principal to understand that you have a problem with the dancing and that this is a solely religious issue-- it has nothing to do with you wanting to avoid schoolwork. Or you could even offer to do extra homework in order to bypass the dancing; this way, you're having the same workload as all the other students, but are doing it in a different way.

    As for your female classmates saying that it's no big deal to have physical contact between the two sexes, they're entitled to their opinions, but it's just that-- their opinions. They can believe whatever they want to, but they're dead wrong. Those girls do not have the authority to give you instructions on moral issues-- Allah does. Ignore what these girls are saying and hold fast to what Allah has taught you.

    2) Alhamdulillah that you have such a passion for salat! I admire your dedication. Don't quote me on this, but I recall reading certain ahadith saying that it is permissible, in some cases, to combine dhuhr and asr. Fiqh is not a strong point of mine, so I hope someone one this site who is more knowledgeable on Fiqh issues will help you on this.

    2.1) Well, what these kids are doing to you sounds a lot like bullying, which must be taken seriously by all of the teachers and staff of your school. Perhaps you could mention that this bullying is going on to your principal and that you would like a teacher/staff member to stand behind you or next to you when you pray. Ask your parent/guardian to call the principal. Those stupid kids won't bother you with a teacher standing right there.

    4) Of course! May Allah guide him to the deen and bless him for being a loyal friend to you. I will continue to pray for him, inshallah. :)
    "Wert thou to follow the common run of those on earth, they will lead thee away from the way of Allah. They follow nothing but conjecture: they do nothing but lie." (surah 6:116)



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