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New but i have a problem!

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  • New but i have a problem!

    Salaam everyone,
    My name is Zainab but you can refer to me as zay if you like. Basically I am new and I am not sure is I am supposed to post questions because I have never been on a forum b4 but I have a problem and I was really looking forward to getting some you you guys advie . So I am 19 and I am a Muslim girl. My parents raised us Muslim but my dad left us many years ago. I have been suffering from really bad anxiety for the past year and I think I have a mental illness. My mom has witnessed some of my ups and downs, but I do not believe that she is believes there is a such thing as a mental disorder. I am about to be twenty soon and I get really depressed some days. This morning I spent 5 minutes in the bathroom crying. I have really bad anxiety when I wake some days and I always if I have to talks to someone I don't know on the phone or in person like at a store, restaurant etc. I am supposed to be starting college soon and I am scared that it is going to be way worse because I will be by myself. Some of my family memebers have even stared to notice that I don't get happy a lot and they call me boring, it really hurts me because I think something is wrong with me when they do that. Its hard for Mr to express emotions and I just kinda drag through my days alot. I want to be happy again but I can't my confidence is very low and I am forever thinking about how worthless I am. Since I live with my sister as of right now, I want to tell her how I feel. However, I am worried that she might not believe me can you guys please give me some advice on this stuff? What does Islam say about it? In the past when I have told some people that I am sad or depressed, they immediately say it is from shaitan or a jinn. Please help everyone
    Asalamu-alaikum :-)
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    Re: How does Islam view anxiety and depression?!

    I'll ask 1 simple question?

    Do you pray 5 times a day?

    and by praying, i'm not talking about the physical actions, or just utterly reciting the Surahs/Duas without even knowing it's meaning, and reflect & act upon it


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      Re: How does Islam view anxiety and depression?!

      Yes I do, I am still working on learning the meaning of several supra, but I do pray 5 times a day, howver, I do find it difficult to gain kushu' sometimes.


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        Re: How does Islam view anxiety and depression?!

        Yes khushua is sometimes hard to come by....

        Please don't get offended but I have a feeling there's more to the story. If you don't want to share that's fine but with the information you gave the answers will most likely be general.