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Questions about Transgenders?

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  • Questions about Transgenders?

    I never wanted to tell my parents or anyone and I hope they don't say anything about transgenders to me because this can sound awkward and embarrasing. I hope this doesn't sound offensive, transgenders looks unnattractive and their looks are very disturbing switching the opposite for females to look like males and vice versa. Is there any reason why Allah swt created them and used their genital as "opposite"?

    Since the internet sites is mixed with Shiitism and Sufism nowadays so it's very confusing that you can't manage to find Islamic perspective from the Suunah, hadith or anything except YouTube or social sites that were posted by a known Islamic figure. I searched the transgender up on Google and it shows "Mukhannathun". Can anyone explain it so I can compare between what the source I've seen and what you say. I would like to know about the Transgenders and what does Islam do with them.

    I kindly like to see your replies.