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Finding an islam counselor/ nonislamic counselor

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  • F_R
    Re: Finding an islam counselor/ nonislamic counselor

    Wa alaykumasalaam

    I know of a counsellor (Muslim) and who's reallyyyyyyyy helpful Maa Shaa Allah. I'll message you his email address so you can contact him. He's really helped, like proper helped.

    Also google sakoon counselling, they're based in the uk but I'm sure they can do something via Skype or something.

    You can try YouTubing 'Anthony Robbins' and see a few of his stuff online, he's helped as well.

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  • Finding an islam counselor/ nonislamic counselor


    So I'm going through some hard times I guess and I'm thinking about seeing a counselor just to have someone to talk through things, or confess stuff to maybe, just to get it off my chest or get some advice I don't know, but I live n the colorado area and I havent been able to find any people that are advertised as islamic or muslim counselors, which I guess kind of makes sense because there isnt a huge muslim population here like in california or places in europe, but I really want to talk to an islamic counselor as having someone share those core beliefs would make me more comfortable I guess.

    So my question is two parts;

    1) Does anyone know of islamic counseling, if not in person maybe online, and if so what your experience with it is, I'm guessing there must be a counselor here who is a muslim but doesnt advertise as islamic counseling per se and maybe I'll just have to dig deeper or something.

    2 )If you've talked to a non-muslim counselor how did they take to your faith I guess, or how much of an issue was it in the relationship between you two or how did it affect the relationship you guys had in general and in trying to get over your problems.

    any advice is greatly appreciated

    walaikum asalam


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