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Musings of Imam Ghazali

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  • Musings of Imam Ghazali

    Imam Ghazali states that good character can be obtained in two ways:

    1. Either mankind obtains good character from birth. Without receiving training one has exceptional charcter. Like the Prophets and some of the righteous people.

    2. After work and forcing oneself it is obtained. For example, someone who wants to be generous and do generous works will force himself to learn how. After this, open-handedness and generosity will become part of their behaviour and nature. Generosity is then enjoyed. Like this, other good habits can be acquired.

    Imam Ghazali offers some advice to those who want to abandon their bad habits and acquire good habits:

    a) Mankind, in every circumstance should be truthful to themselves, he should therefore find a spiritual guide who he can use as an example.

    b) From time to time one needs warning/counsel, and should therefore find true and sincere friends

    c) One should listen to what their enemies say about them so that they can understand their mistakes and correct them.

    d) One should not do the bad actions they see others doing


    - Don't encourage a fool or give a promise to an idiot

    - A good child makes a father a minister, a bad child makes him embarrassed

    - The person who runs his affairs dishonestly dies in affliction
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    "You must convince your heart that whatever Allah has decreed is most appropriate and most beneficial for you." ~ Imam Al Ghazali.

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    Re: Musings of Imam Ghazali

    He was such a wise man! :1popcorn:

    I especially like this quote: "One should listen to what their enemies say about them so that they can understand their mistakes and correct them". Ah yes, that is so true because when any enemy points out a flaw of yours, they won't hold back. A friend, on the other hand, may never tell you about that same flaw of yours because he/she doesn't want to hurt your feelings. Enemies can, at times, be the best of teachers (in more ways than one). It's our enemies that made me realise that our deen must a force, otherwise they wouldn't be fighting us so strenuously. At what point would a false religion be targeted like that? ;) think about it.

    Thank God for my enemies! :)
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    "Wert thou to follow the common run of those on earth, they will lead thee away from the way of Allah. They follow nothing but conjecture: they do nothing but lie." (surah 6:116)



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