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can anyone help me out?

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  • can anyone help me out?

    Assalamualaikum dear brothers and sisters,

    I write this with utmost sincerity and humility because I am seeking
    help. In an attempt to make this short and sweet, I may end up
    sounding canniving or deceptive which i don't intend at all !! (so i
    apologize beforehand). I am currently about to finish my 3rd year in
    University (here in Malaysia), and alhamdulillah that is going well.
    HOwever, i do not have enough funds to pay for my final year
    (degree). I feel foolish doing this, practically 'begging' online,
    but I'll give it a shot because i so desperately want to educate
    myself to the maximum of my capabilities. I cannot take out a loan,
    and have used up all the available resources i have. Could anybody
    answer my appeal, the sum isnt that much - well to me it is
    magnanimous- it is truly a subjective question (I have managed to
    put together 50%)?I understand whoever reads this will be sceptical,
    and all i can say is that if this is some kind of hoax or scam, then
    I will surely be the only person who suffers from it. I am a devoted
    muslimah (inshallah), and my fear of God's punishment will never
    allow me to do such haram things. If there is anything else you
    would like to know (or if you have any advice for me as to how else
    i can pay my tuition - im already working part time jobs, and i
    although my grades are good, God didnt grant me with a scholarship,
    though i dont regret it as i have learnt so much from the outcome),
    please email me at [email protected] If there is anyone who would
    be able to help me, even just a little bit, i pray that you will be
    rewarded with Jannah, inshallah. If not, then i beg you to just say
    a prayer for me, so that i am able to somehow find the means to pay
    for it.

    I thank you for taking the time to read this,

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    Fatimah ,

    R u local malay or what. Ask from malaysian govt.

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