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Special request Urgent Attention

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  • Special request Urgent Attention

    Assalam Alaykum brothers and sisters,

    I received this email in my mailbox I felt obligated to share it with you all.
    Our sister need our help she and her little girl hardly have money to buy food.
    So let we all, especially in this blessed month open our hearts and help our sister and her daughter.
    If you can't help her financially you can sent this email to your email list insjallah it will reach brothers and sisters
    who can donate some money and help her. Even if you can help sent this email anyway to your list.

    This is the email I received I copy and paste it:

    On Behalf of Solace

    www.ummahcentral.com Please add 'SAMANTHA' as a reference so that 100% of your donation can go towards her.

    Please NOTE if you do donate, it is essential that you send an email to [email protected]

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    ↑ Sorry, I find this hard to believe. If she is not a citizen then it is difficult to house. However, there are enormous benefits in the UK such as food banks and Islamic shelter , there is support out there.
    "Try to distance yourself from everything that causes you worry and sadness, so that you may always live with peace of mind and an open and tranquil heart, seeking Allah and His worship and working on your worldly and otherworldly matters, for if you try this, you will find rest.


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      Re: Special request Urgent Attention

      Why would she not be entitled to any benefits?

      Actually, I'm not all clued up on the benefits system but I do hear some people have it hard these days.

      I'm sure the charity has the best intentions.



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