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is this infatuation??

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  • is this infatuation??

    Last edited by confusedsister1; 30-07-13, 12:23 PM.

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    Re: is this infatuation??

    Wa alaykum asalaam,

    I think it may be.
    'And when a thing for which you ask is slow to come,
    Then know that often through delay are gifts received'
    علي الحبشي


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      Re: is this infatuation??

      I am 100% sure i read the same or similar thread many months ago and rolled my eyes just like i am now!
      Sista, you got too much time on your hand... especially in the month of ramadan.
      Please pray for my health. Jazak Allah

      I found the enemy and it is me.


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        Re: is this infatuation??

        Originally posted by confusedsister1 View Post
        Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah,

        I I have a problem. I'm 18 years of age, never had previous relations with males alhamdulillah but I think I'm crushing over a guy.

        Basically, I was at the masjid about to walk in, but in my masjid you have only 1 entrance and in our masjid sometimes the brothers don't leave. The sisters side open so I walk in, see this reallllly good looking brother mashAllah lying on the floor, I walk out, and of course he does the courteous thing of coming outside saying ud like to come in, and sets up the curtain for me and another sister.
        Ah, basically I only looked at him once like the occasional glance u would do if someone talks to u but instantly he just entered my heart. It sound pathetic but it's been almost a year and I've been thinking about him a lot.
        It so pathetic since I do nto know a single thing about him, except that he attends my local masjid, I saw him about 2 times after that....

        ALSO, I honestly dont knwo what this is but honestly,like it felt like a connection or something. The moment he looked at me and I looked at him, and the Prophet peace be upon him said that the SOULS are like conscripted soldiers, those whom they recognize they get along with. Honestly, he hasnt left my heart since.
        And on another occassion, I saw him in a resturant, obvs I lowered my gaze but I did recognize him, anyway I looked on the other side and saw that the brother was gesturing to his friend ABOUT ME to the other brothers wiht him. You know like when you look back and forth at the person ur talking about, I was with my aunt at the time, so she was at the cashier, looking at the menu and I stepped outside to avoid being in his presence and then I think he was intending to get a brother to come speak to me, perhaps ask for my wali? Allahu a'lam but I think this not because of some silly misconception but because the brother (one I'm attracted to) was smiling and his friend got up, walking towards my direction but then returned because the brother (one I'm attracted to) gestured for him to cme back.

        It was bad after a while, then I kinda lost interest in him, but I. Always find he has a place in my heart.
        I do not know him at all. Even though I do find other guys attractive, I literally do think about him before I go to bed. FUNNY THING IS, hes not my type as much, like hes not broad or built I prefer built guys, but wiht him I'm just soooo attracted to him. why is this? Wallah, hes not even my type that much.

        Is this infatuation?
        :wswrwb: ukthi,

        yes, it's also known as a Crush ...

        Lowering your gaze applies to the sisters as well as the brothers,

        if your serious then seek for marriage through your wali,

        otherwise get over it sis,

        Theres plenty of fish in the sea, when the time comes for marriage.

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