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    Assalamu alaikkum,

    I'm in a big struggle to find the truth / or to avoid sin for the deed and action that are common in my surrounding.
    my family members are now of different islamic groups and beliefs for many reasons ( some of them I tried to point below).

    If someone asks whether I performs an action which is allowed or prohibited , I donot have an answer.
    So, I am in a situation to learn to truth, the fact , the Qur'anic aayaths, and the saheeh hadees, to know what right and wrong is.
    May Allah forgive all of us if we are/were performing away from what he ordered.

    The following are the few topics ( and followed by explaining my doubts), which are in being in conflict in my society strikes in my mind at the moment.
    I would be really grateful for your reply with the Qur'an and hadees, and thanks for your consideration.

    1) Salat-ul-Tasbih
    2) Qunoot dua
    3) Death anniversary
    4) Prophet(PBUH)'s Hair
    5) Touching Dog
    6) Head wearings
    7) Jinn
    8) Number of years slept in Surah Al-Kahf
    9) Trimming Beard
    10) Touching while in ablution.
    11) Group prayer after Fard'(compulsory) Prayers.
    12) Ziyarath
    13) Women's entry in masjid
    14) Importance given for Ramazan 27
    15) Moulood( Meelad)
    16) Dikr - Dua majlis
    17) Reciting Qur'an beside the mayyith

    1) Salat-ul-Tasbih:
    Last day , one of uncle says tha There is no prayer named Salat-ul-Tasbih,
    I showed him a book (which is mixed of some important hadees), it say a hadees of how to peform a Salat-ul-tasbih.
    But my uncle says it is weak (da'yeef) and it doesn't have a strong evidence.
    What is the truth? How should I know it is da'yeef or strong saheeh hadees, even I performs the prayers every year in the month of Ram'dan.

    2) qunoot dua
    What is the real fact about qunoot dua ? is it permissible? Is it performed by Prophet (PBUH) or sahabees ?
    It is performed in seconde rakath of Fajr Prayer in the standing state after rook.?

    3) death anniversary
    Some of our family members agrees with the dua , reciting qur'an on the anniversary of a person.
    But some one is disagreeing that is it big sin. What is wrong on reciting dua on these occasions?

    4) Prophet(PBUH)'s Hair
    'The Prophet's hair' now become a big discussion in our environment, some people ( I don't know whether right or wrong) says that
    drinking the that 'Prophet's hair' immersed water is a luck and it cures disease. etc..etc.
    Is Prophet's Hair exists? If yes, what are the other miracle behind this?

    5) Touching Dog
    I learned in childhood, that touching dog or the clothes touches or fondled by dog should leads to 7 times bathing.
    In which one should be done with the water of pure soil water.
    While I leaned an Islamic story that one man got entered into heaven for helping a dog which was about to die in a well.

    5.1) Is that allowed to feed/foster a dog or to keep a dog as a pet or for security purposes?

    6) Head wearings
    some people wear cap/ kerchief on their head , and says it is sunnah.
    Is it really a sunnah or a gradual rituals practiced from the arabics?(They usually wear head wearings)
    7) Jinn
    What is jinn?
    What all should be known about jinn?
    What is the limit they can do in the life of human beings?
    How far , how strong shoud be believe?
    The topic of "Jinn" made our islamic society more than 6 different groups.

    8) Number of years slept in Surah Al-Kahf
    In Surah Al-kahf , Allah says the people slept for long years.
    Did anywhere mention the number of years they slept?
    some says the years while calculating on different situation result for 309years. Is this valid?

    9) Trimming Beard
    What is the islamic way of trimming and shaving.?
    What are important/ compulsary steps we should follow on this case?
    What are the sunnahs of keeping beard and trimming moustache?
    Did anywhere mentioned the maximum length of beard as size of palm?

    10) Touching while in ablution.
    As for an adult, what all matters nullifies his /her ablution?
    Will touching sisters, shaking hands others, kissing spouse nullifes ablution?
    What all should we note while a person in the state of ablution.

    11) Group prayer after Fard'(compulsory) Prayers.
    In most of the masjid near by my city. A group prayer is done after the Fard' prayer.
    It includes 33 times of (Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar),
    Lailaha Illallhu (10 times).
    Followed by dua leaded by Masjid Imam.
    Is this group allowed or have any dis obedience in the law of Islam?

    12) Ziyarath
    What is all we should do and known about the Ziyarth?
    Is it allowed for praying to Allah in front of some Islamic scholars?
    In our country manywhere, there is a special place beside Masjid for some taught people covered their grave.
    12.1) What all are the things we should know about building / covering the grave with concreting around it for the people for yearly prayings?
    What is wrong here or what all are right here?

    13) Women's entry in masjid
    is it permsible for women in masjid for offering daily prayers , weekly jum'as or yearly Eids?
    What is the meaning or contradiction of a hadees I've heard ( It is more better to a women to offer her prayer inside her home).
    13.1) Where should muslims offer their Eid prayer? Should we close the door of masjid and gathering in a ground?
    Or should we pray inside the same masjid we usuall go? And what is the role of a women for Eid pray specially in this day?

    14) Importance given for Ramazan 27
    Some of our give more importance in the night of ramazan 27th.
    How should take care of these days? Did anywhere mention that 27th is the day the Qur'an revealed?
    Is performing more dua's , dikr, salaths, etc on that day enough?

    15) Moulood( Meelad)
    Some of us are strictly following where some others are strictly avoiding it as a big sin.
    What is the real truth behind Meelad? Should we follow it? Should we recite it in a group?
    It is usually recited in the month Prophet (PBUH) born. And its sometimes somewhere recited in some occasions like giving a send off ,
    On the 3rd day of death, or 30th or 40th day of death, etc.
    Are these a bidath?

    16) Dikr - Dua - Swalath majlis
    In some of our near masjids, weekly in the time between Magrib and Isha', We sit in a round group and recite and repeat Dikrs,
    Swalaths and Istig'fars. ( Though I read many hadees says the benefits of this group ),
    but some of us says that it is extra action infront of Allah, and it is not needed. It is more good and enough to recite alone.

    17) Reciting Qur'an beside the mayyith
    I came to see in many cases arguing and opposing for , whom those are reciting Qur'an ( mostly Surah - Yasin) beside the mayyith.
    Is it benifitful?
    (I've read in a book that in the Prophet's period, they read Qur'an only in the case , the person who were about to die. ,
    for making the dying person to listen the Qur'an words and to say Kalimah).
    17.1) What should be done on the way to grave?
    We some people follow saying 'La ilaha illahahu' on the way to grave while we walking.
    Is it shown anywhere? Or should we stop reciting it?

    I hope getting a suitable reply soon.