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Cost of food in Germany

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  • Cost of food in Germany

    Salam alaykum

    I am visiting Germany for a few weeks. wanted to know what the cost of food is like.

    Halal meat such things

    jazakalah khair

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    Re: Cost of food in Germany

    Well that depends if u want to eat outside or go shopping and cook yourself..
    Depending where you will go, in bigger cities there are quite a lof of shops with halal meat, it should be
    around 1€ OR 3€ for Sausage, raw meat i dont know..
    bread is around 80 Cent and going out for lunch is in turkish restaurants 3,50€ to 10€... they usually have halal meat, but better ask..


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      Re: Cost of food in Germany

      Depends where you are, some cities do not have halal meat for miles. You have to hit the Muslim hotspots.
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        Re: Cost of food in Germany

        Germany is 70% + - cheaper than the country i live in, subhanallah everytime i go there i am having a good time :P :P