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  • Abortion

    I asked a question in a forum about whether abortion is considered as murder or not.

    This is the type of answers i got.

    -What about a woman who was raped? Is it her responsibility? Her fault that she was raped?

    I don't think it's murder.
    You can prevent the birth of an unhealthy baby, prevent the mothers life from being in danger, prevent the child from having a rough life. I think it's legal up until the 15th week and up until then the fetus isn't really anything except a lump of cells. What they did in China however (6th month old baby was aborted by force) that was murder.

    -To me, it is not. An embryo is not a living thing yet, and a fetus isn't a fully functionally human being either, it is not alive and a part of the mother. When the mother dies, so does the fetus. It is not a living thing on its own.

    Before the gender is known, people usually say "It's a boy/girl!". Explain to me why you call it an "it" rather than "he" or "she"? How does that make any sense? If a man had a choice to kill a woman or a fetus, are both equivalent to murder?

    -i get the fact that you make a mistake then you should take responsibility but in this case ur responsibility is towards raising a human being. that is a lot different, some people are not ready to be parents or plain don't want to, and so it's the kid that is going to suffer when being raised by parents like this. so really that responsibility excuse needs to go out the window.

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    Re: Abortion

    Good question, and my answer to that is go to a Sheikh or Scholar because I've got no clue whatsoever...........:o