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  • What Law ?

    Is their such a thing as a crime without a victim or injured party ?

    Most muslims are taught to be good citizens ( that term citizen a clue) and obey the law of the governments of whatever corporation they are aggregated to and many faithully and obediently do often urged on by community figures and so called spokespersons.

    But what is the law ? Do you really know the law and how it works in regard to western roman law systems herein named the Roman cult

    One of the foundational principles of the law and indeed of justice is that no criminal charges can be laid without the factual evidence of "corpus delectii" or the injured party, indeed in the absence of verifiable harm injury or loss to a party there is no crime.

    So why then are there endless statutes that term various actions regardless of the presesnce or absesnce of "corpus delectii" as criminal offences ?

    Where is the crime and indeed who is offended you may ask, well perhaps you need to know what a statute is before proceeding, well i will tell you statutes are bonds in fact they are financial instruments - they are "Bills" and every bill needs to be endorsed and a claim made against an estate for a bill to be honoured and for liability to be established.

    This is what the corporate business known as the UK doing business as in parliment is engaged in and is not a lawful from of government it is a club of businees members licensed by the CROWN Corporation.

    There are in fact only two forms of law common law and administrative law, the latter is a vehicle of theft and missapropiation of equity of the middle and inner temple of the roman cult and yahoodi merchant guilds

    Any prosecution (pro se acutis) of the estate or NAME in a victimless proceeding is essentially the probating of the Estate by the Crown claiming executorSHIP or Agency powers to pillage your Estate -this is administrative law and the jurisdiction is Admirality!

    The last time i posted such a thread on the Crown of DC i got my inbox snooped by a FBI email but alas im still here and until the mods ban me i will continue to expose what i know to be a system of fraud and nihilsim perpetrated by people suffering from a terrible mental illness and served by trolls of an infected mind virus who know no better.

    Needless to say i was aghast at hearing the guy in the julian assange/muazzam beg interview claim islam and shariah has its own statutes - oh really what next muslim lawyers working for the CROWN oh we already have that.

    If you have not yet seen the difference between the corporate machine and legally fictional world of admirality and real law of man and land then i suggest you are matrix locked and need to take the red pill just like neo said in that film where public notice was given!

    What was that about the tv license and just pay your bills - a comment i was privvy to recieving while exposng the BBC as a media front for the CROWN mafia on this site some time back and showing how you dont need to pay the BBC didly squat, dare i say it some ppl need to really wake up.

    Wa alaykum salam