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Is Steroids Haram?

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  • Re: Is Steroids Haram?

    Man why do ppl bump the same old threads we just had a recent one on this subject lol.

    People on this site don't have a clue about bodybuilding, strength training and especially steroids, you cant be serious wanting others to answer you these kinds of questions on here lol...

    If you are going into the police force, be aware you will be tested and won't be allowed in. Truth is at least here in north america many police officers use steroids, but if caught would be in trouble so its under the table and ppl keep it hush hush, however as a cadet recruit you will be expelled for using it.

    Your cycle sounds almost fine, test plus equipose is OKAY... not bad for a beginner cycle... but HCG shouldn't be in your pct, rather it should be nearing the end of your cycle into PCT... with clomid or nolva (clomid is better) as a part of your pct. Instead of using nolva for estrogen control should use arimidex eod or something like that would be better.

    I've created a steroids section on my site join up and ask on there inshAllah.

    And yes you are 20 and should still have high hormones and should be relying on your natty levels...

    I'll have to start writing up more detailed threads/articles so people can start learning more on this subject since I've been asked so much about it lately... instead of repeating myself.
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    • Re: Is Steroids Haram?

      Recent thread on here:

      Thread on this subject on my site:

      Steroids section on my site if you want to ask these kinds of questions:


      • Re: Is Steroids Haram?

        Oh sorry, I could not find any other theard.
        Thank you for your answer. Don't worry about controls, they don't do testing. Actualy, they will allow you anything, just be the best you can :D

        So what you think, is it allowed in my case?
        And yes, I'll gladly join to your website. If you want, I'll ask the same question out there. Sallam