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Are these toys and items halal to keep in your household please?

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  • Are these toys and items halal to keep in your household please?

    Asalaam alaykam,

    I was wondering if keeping toys like dolls and teddy bears are allowed to be kept in a Muslims house? What about a rocking horse? Photos of family members in a frame/album and mobile phone? Picture illustrations of people and animals in an Islamic story book? I would be really grateful if anyone have certain, sure information and decision on this? Any command in The Quran, Hadith and sunnah of our prophet (pbuh)?
    Also to mothers, fathers, and family members what sort of toys do you get for your little ones? Bearing Islam in mind and what's prohibited and not?
    I guess views would be varied but want to see if I can get the response I'm looking for, inshallah.

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    Re: Are these toys and items halal to keep in your household please?

    there is a shahih Hadith telling that Aisha played dolls while Rasulullah SAW witnessed her. One of her toy is a little horse statue with wings on it.

    living things resemblance as child's toy (dolls, soldier statues, etc) are mubah.

    And about pictures, another hadith telling that Aisha has a curtain of bird pictures, Rasulullah SAW dislikes it for the pictures, so she torn them apart as a pillow sheets and it's allowed because it's not for decoration.

    There are several scholars opnions about photographs. Some said it's like hanging a mirror in your room. Mirror is not haraam to hang just because it relfects your own picture. Photographs are just like that. But some other scholars said it's haraam to hang a living photograph in the room.

    Allahu a'lam.
    And all the heavens go their way.... And only change is here to stay...



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