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Monkeys and equal pay

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  • Monkeys and equal pay

    Nevamind pls delete
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    Re: Monkeys and equal pay

    I have watched the video about the Capuchin monkeys reject unequal pay . The video was so funny! You can see how mad the monkey was by throwing the cucumber to the lady with some force. But seriously, this video says that equality is indeed a necessity. Even animals know the meaning of fairness. Equality is very important especially to human beings. Who wouldn't want to be treated fairly? Who wants to get paid less? I guess no one would want that.

    The idea is that equal production by workers who are completely equal should be rewarded with the same pay. Fairness is thought to be chief among American values, though exceptions were made at various points for people who were black, Asian, Native American, Hispanic, Irish, not a particular type of Christian, member of a union, homosexual, accused of being a Communist, a woman, etc, against their will.
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      Re: Monkeys and equal pay

      A man and a woman, who works for the same company and are equally skilled and have the same responsibilities should have equal pay. Contrary to popular belief and what currently malignantly solipsistic yuppies will tell you, bitterness over unequal pay is more than just sour fruit. One test, which recently was redone in a popular video, found that even Capuchin apes are not only understanding of it, they get ticked off. There is such a thing as an inherent sense of fairness. A payday loan can help with your payments until a new job starts. We all have the right to be paid equally and we deserve fair treatment.