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Islam's Wife-Beating

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  • Originally posted by marjan
    ok so basically husbands can hit their wives, but how hard? If it leaves marks would that be naughty.

    A lot of wife beaters never hit women on the face because the evidence would literally be 'written all over her face'. Hit a woman on her body and she can hide the bruises.
    It is FORBIDDEN to strike a person in the face, or even an animal. The prophet, solla allahu alayhi wassalam, once struck Aisha, rodia allahu anha, between her breasts (on her chest) he caught her following him out secretly in the night (when he visited a graveyard) and trying to hide it from him.
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    • Originally posted by jamila
      The prophet, solla allahu alayhi wassalam, once struck Aisha, rodia allahu anha, between her breasts (on her chest) he caught her following him out secretly in the night (when he visited a graveyard) and trying to hide it from him.
      Muhammad b. Qais said (to the people): Should I not narrate to you (a hadith of the Holy Prophet) on my authority and on the authority of my mother?

      We thought that he meant the mother who had given him birth.

      He (Muhammad b. Qais) then reported that it was 'A'isha who had narrated this:

      Should I not narrate to you about myself and about the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him)?
      We said: Yes.
      He said: She said: When it was my turn for Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) to spend the night with me, he turned his side, put on his mantle and took off his shoes and placed them near his feet, and spread the corner of his shawl on his bed and then lay down till he thought that I had gone to sleep. He took hold of his mantle slowly and put on the shoes slowly, and opened the door and went out and then closed it lightly.

      I covered my head, put on my veil and tightened my waist wrapper, and then went out following his steps till he reached Baqi'. He stood there and he stood for a long time. He then lifted his hands three times, and then returned and I also returned. He hastened his steps and I also hastened my steps. He ran and I too ran. He came (to the house) and I also came (to the house).

      I, however, preceded him and I entered (the house), and as I lay down in the bed, he (the Holy Prophet) entered the (house), and said: Why is it, O 'A'isha, that you are out of breath?

      I said: There is nothing.

      He said: Tell me or the Subtle and the Aware would inform me.

      I said: Messenger of Allah, may my father and mother be ransom for you, and then I told him (the whole story).

      He said: Was it the darkness (of your shadow) that I saw in front of me?

      I said: Yes.

      He struck me on the chest which caused me pain, and then said: Did you think that Allah and His Apostle would deal unjustly with you?

      She said: Whatsoever the people conceal, Allah will know it.

      He said: Gabriel came to me when you saw me. He called me and he concealed it from you. I responded to his call, but I too concealed it from you (for he did not come to you), as you were not fully dressed. I thought that you had gone to sleep, and I did not like to awaken you, fearing that you may be frightened.

      He (Gabriel) said: Your Lord has commanded you to go to the inhabitants of Baqi' (to those lying in the graves) and beg pardon for them.

      I said: Messenger of Allah, how should I pray for them (How should I beg forgiveness for them)?

      He said: Say, Peace be upon the inhabitants of this city (graveyard) from among the Believers and the Muslims, and may Allah have mercy on those who have gone ahead of us, and those who come later on, and we shall, God willing, join you.

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      • Originally posted by jamila
        It is FORBIDDEN to strike a person in the face, or even an animal.
        Suwaid b. Muqarrin reported that he had a slave-girl and a person (one of the members of the family) slapped her, whereupon Suwaid said to him: Don't you know that it is forbidden (to strike the) face.

        He said: You see I was the seventh one amongst my brothers during the lifetime of Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him), and we had but only one servant. One of us got enraged and slapped her. Thereupon Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) commanded us to set her free.

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        • Women are to be loved and not to be used and abused.
          I don't mean like all women, cos that ain't allowed.
          I mean wifey.


          • for mariam and hassan regarding their issue about ''itjihaad''


            <!--QuoteEBegin-->Quran says: "As for the thief, both male and female, cut off their hands", but during the year of famine - which resembled the case of plight, Caliph Umar suspended the penalty for theft in view of the verse "Whosoever is forced to transgress the laws without violating the laws, then there is no sin against him" Taken from hassan post.

            Firstly, we would like to see the asaneed of what he has quoted about 'Umar prior.

            Secondly, Ijtihaad does not mean changing the laws. Rather it means applying the laws. As we can see in the example that you have given, one of the exceptions for the hadd for stealing is necessity. There is ijmaa' of the 'Ulamaa upon this. This has absolutely no correlation to "hitting one's wife" if you see evil coming from her. Obviously this hit isn't even hard enough to leave a mark etc. The goal is not to inflict pain. Why is it that you turn to 'Umar, yet you do not explain "beat them" based upon the authentic statements of the beloved, most perfect example, Muhammad ibn Abdillah <!--emo&:SAAWS:--><!--endemo-->?

            The fact is, Ijtihaad is a struggle to implement the Shari'ah based upon the situation. It simply does not mean that we should stop implementing a law because your hawaa (desires-whims) deems it unfit.

            What a ridiculous notion. You have no proof to defend your stance, and you are judging this issue based upon your nafs al ammarah bis soo' with the Qasd of "REFORMING" or shall I say CHANGING Islaam and its perfect laws!

            Abul Layth <!--IBF.ATTACHMENT_5966-->
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            • Um.

              Anyone ever heard of masalih mursala?


              Some of y'all need to chill out and actually read some fiqh books.

              It'll do you good.

              Islam is not a static nor homogeneous whole, ok?

              And people who physically abuse their wives are **** (until or unless they repent sincerely to Allah (swt) for their sinful ways, as well as seeking recompense from she they have wronged).
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              • Originally posted by zawjaturaafi
                as salaamu alaikum

                Ya Know I have been reading through this whole thread in just utter disbelief at the direction it has went. Subhanaa Allah people what has happened to your fasting. Is this really the attitudes we should be taking with one another... I see so much hostility from so many people subhanaa Allah... May Allah guide us all Ameen!!!

                In looking through this thread, it starts off with a scenario of a couple and their problems. Common problems, where sadly the end result was that this woman died (of other causes from what I gathered) and this poor child has been left off to be raised away from the beautiful deen she was born into subhanaa Allah may Allah guide her aright Ameen...

                Now with all that it has turned into bannings, ijtihad, Proper hijaab I mean really everyone is it always that when posting a post it must turn into controversy?

                As to how things have been dealt with on the thread with regards to its members. I dont want to go far into Brother Hassans character, but I will say that if the reasons for banning (and i am sure inshaa Allah the niyaat behind it was correct) are because of statements of making that which is permissable impermissable and vice versa, this is not something that is a new issue. This has been addressed as long as I have been on this forum. It has been an issue that has been tolerated for quite some time. But this is simply something that WE CANNOT DO!!! You cannot say I enjoin that which is good and forbid that which is evil (or not good) and sit by and watch and partake in such statements and say you base your life on this statement. So if the ban is there and I personally see just cause for it not that my opinion matters to most of you here, the ban is there you keep moving. Inshaa Allah maybe the brother will see his err and correct his thinking because clearly it is of misguidance to make statements of such.

                I for one am a woman, and a muslimah al hamdulillah, and in being that I have no problem with the ayat that is referred to. See because NO wife in my opinion should ever allow things to go to that degree... A Muslim wife fears Allah, and knows that with the pleasure of her husband, by her hand, she has gained the pleasure of Allah. This is the ultimate goal in Islam. Allahs pleasure! If my husband comes to me with what he is seeing in my behavior and I dont rectify my ways, causing it to go to further steps of him say leaving my bed. Well I know I need to check myself, cause I know the steps that follow according to Quran and Sunnah. So if I am choosing to rebel in such a manner and it has to come to that level then maybe it will bring some humility to the situation. Now with that said I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT BEATING A WOMAN DOWN!!! NOR AM I TALKING ABOUT BEATING HER CAUSE SHE DIDNT COOK THE CHICKEN RIGHT 3 TIMES IN A ROW. I am talking about issues that matter, she is consistently stealing from the household, she is not covering, she is doing something that is truly taking her from the folds of Islam, and this form of rebellion can damage not only her but the family as a whole. And I am not saying that this is what was meant when the ayat was sent down. But I think if we as Muslims use hikmah in our affairs we will find that there is appropriate ways of dealing with things, and these measures shouldnt have to come this far. But sadly we as women can tick and do some stuff that is just very emotionally off base, we can take things too far, and men can often not have the patience or tolerance we may have expected them to have. Either way BEATING YOUR WIFE DOWN is a very big difference then what I understand the ayat to mean...

                But as a non muslim or even a new muslim it can be very difficult to see beyond just the words in your english KORAN or Qur'an. This was one of the first issues I had to tackle in coming to Islam, I needed to understand this and al hamdulillah I have come to terms with it. We as people have to read between the lines from time to time everything is not as black and white as we want to make it. There is much hikmah in this but it is how you choose to perceive it...

                As far as speaking on that which you are not truly understanding, Yes I will agree it is one thing to voice an opinion, I think that what the issue seems to be just from observation, is that when you really arent certain and you do voice your opinion and someone tells you this thinking is incorrect and then takes it further and provides daleel to prove this thinking is incorrect, and you continue to argue your point. Your point becomes mute, people stop hearing it as being just someone who didnt know and made a mistake and it turns into someone who refuses to recognize that someone with more knowledge even in just that one thing is correct and maybe it is best to stop arguing it and try to learn from it. This is humility mashaa Allah. May Allah provide us all with it, AMEEN! We all from the newest in deen to the oldest in deen need to realize there is SO much to learn in Islam and no matter how much we study we will never understand Islam in the fullest of its capacities and therefore we have to stop and learn from one another and not always feel we have so much to say. And with that said I will get off my soapbox inshaa Allah it just really saddens me to see all this taking place. When there really is so much so very much more important that could be taking place right now subhanaa Allah...

                Sorry for the length but HEY you all know me lol... May Allah and you all forgive me for anything I may have said that was offensive, and if I said anything that was incorrect may Allah and you all forgive me, may Allah rectify all our affairs, and shortcomings and grant us the ability to walk on the siratul Mustaqim Ameen...
                wallahi, this is one of my favorite posts ever

                i hope all of our sisters read it and reflect
                .لا نريد زعيما يخاف البيت الإبيض
                نريد زعيما يخاف الواحد الأحد
                دولة الإسلامية باقية


                • okay that got a smile :) although I trust it was not said off bias or anything but in hopes it was because it was somewhat on a right path but smiles all the same...


                  • Islam's Wife-Beating
                    URGENT!!! your help is badly needed - fundraising for marriage


                    • Originally posted by kaleem26
                      bismillah ar rahman ir rahim,

                      those who slander the mujahideen, those who call for the word of allah swt to be forgotten and changed just as the jews and christians have done, by all accounts when niseeha is given unto them and they reject-they should be banned from this forum. the only ones who will miss them are their kafir loving friends, they have not contributed to this forum except mainly slander against sincere muslims and a perverted sense of defending kufr over islam. and their knowledge is nothing but jahillyah. they will not be missed.

                      bye bye to brother hassan and mariam. may allah swt guide you both.
                      Well what a nice way of talking about ur bro and sis in islaam and that too in radaman. Just coz they dont think in the same lines as supposed to be good muslims are by ppl whom have put standards here to what makes a good muslim or not,u make them out to be so bad?Bro Hassan is not here,so ur backbiting by talking about him like this. Yesterday i was reading how reward for good deeds get multiplied in ramadan,but at the same time if u do a bad deed as well,u get more punishment than normal..
                      I have seen a lot of good contributions they made to this forum as well,but as they say if ur heart is blinded by hate and self conceit u fail to see the good what is there as well
                      Man knows so much yet does so little...


                      • Originally posted by zawjaturaafi
                        okay that got a smile :) although I trust it was not said off bias or anything but in hopes it was because it was somewhat on a right path but smiles all the same...
                        ;) aww

                        come on.. there has to be some bias in it, but it's definately allowed :inlove:

                        [CENTER][CENTER][B][FONT=Verdana][/FONT][/B][FONT=Verdana][B]My Lord, my trust in all Your purposes is strong, That trust is now my shield; I'm safe, and undeceived.[COLOR=sienna]- Ali bin Husayn al-Habshi[/COLOR][/B]

                        [CENTER][CENTER][B][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Real forsaking is forgetting the thing forsaken.[/FONT][/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=sienna][FONT=Verdana]- Shaykh al-Shadhili

                        [/FONT][/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Live as long as you wish, you shall die. Love whatever you wish, you shall be separated from it. Do whatever you wish, you shall be rewarded for it. [/FONT][/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=sienna][FONT=Verdana]- Jibreel (as)

                        [CENTER] [B][I][SIZE=4] ياَ أَبَا اَلزَّهْرَاء وَلَّذِي صَانَكْ- لاَتُخَيِّبْنَا يَا سِيْدِي نَحْنُ ضِيْفَانَكْ[/SIZE]<o></o>[/I][/B]
                        [B]O father of Zahra, for the sake of the One who protected you,
                        Please do not leave us disappointed, O master, we are your guests. [COLOR=Sienna]- Shaykh Ahmad al-Alawi (rh)

                        [/COLOR][/B][I][B][SIZE=4]أَنتَ رَبّي وَ عِلْمُكَ حَسْبِيْ. فَنِعْمَ الرَّبُّ رَبِّي وَ نِعْمَ الحَسْبُ حَسْبِيْ.[COLOR=Sienna]ـ حِزْبُ البَحْر[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][/I]


                        • the rage we have for these kafir women, may we also have at least a little more rage when american soldiers rape muslim women

                          Abu Ghraib Prison Attacked In Response To "Fatima's Letter"
                          At approximately 12:25pm on Saturday, resistance fighters waged an unprecedented assault on the Abu Ghraib prison camp south of Baghdad. The assault was sparked by a letter from a female prisoner named Fatima that fueled some Muslim fighters into action.

                          Fatima's letter, a hand written document, was recently smuggled out of Abu Ghraib. Fatima is the sister of one of the celebrated Resistance fighters in the area. US occupation forces raided his house some time back but failed to find him, so they took his sister prisoner in an attempt to force him to give himself up. JUS reported the incident at the time and it was said that this family is known for their piety and uprightness.

                          Here is Fatima's letter as originally published in Arabic by Mafkarat al-Islam and translated to English by Muhammad Abu Nasr of Free Arab Voice

                          Fatima's Letter

                          In the name of God, the Merciful, the Mercy-giving. "Say He is God the One; God the Source [of everything]; Not has He fathered, nor has He been fathered; nor is anything comparable to Him." [Qur'an, Surat 112 "al-Ikhlas"]

                          I chose this noble Surah from the Book of God because it has the greatest impact on me and on all of you and it strikes a particular kind of awe in the hearts of Believers.

                          My brother Mujahideen in the path of God! What can I say to you? I say to you: our wombs have been filled with the children of fornication by those sons of apes and pigs who raped us. Or I could tell you that they have defaced our bodies, spit in our faces, and tore up the little copies of the Qur'an that hung around our necks? God is greatest! Can you not comprehend our situation? Is it true that you do not know what is happening to us? We are your sisters. God will be calling you to account [about this] tomorrow.

                          By God, we have not passed one night since we have been in prison without one of the apes and pigs jumping down upon us to rip our bodies apart with his overweening lust. And we are the ones who had guarded our virginity out of fear of God. Fear God! Kill us along with them! Destroy us along with them! Don't leave us here to let them get pleasure from raping us! It will be an act to ennoble the Throne of Almighty God. Fear God regarding us! Leave their tanks and aircraft outside. Come at us here in the prison of Abu Ghurayb.

                          I am your sister in God (Fatimah). They raped me on one day more than nine times. Can you comprehend? Imagine one of your sisters being raped. Why can't you all imagine it, as I am your sister. With me are 13 girls, all unmarried. All have been raped before the eyes and ears of everyone.

                          They won't let us pray. They took our clothes and won't let us get dressed. As I write this letter one of the girls has committed suicide. She was savagely raped. A soldier hit her on her chest and thigh after raping her. He subjected her to unbelievable torture. She beat her head against the wall of the cell until she died, for she couldn't take any more, even though suicide is forbidden in Islam. But I excuse that girl. I have hope that God will forgive her, because He is the Most Merciful of all.

                          Brothers, I tell you again, fear God! Kill us with them so that we might be at peace. Help! Help! Help! [Wa Mu'atasima!]


                          Subsequently, approximately 100 resistance fighters launched a fierce attack on the prison, forcing US troops to take cover inside their barracks within the compound. Fighters pounded the Americans with barrages of 82mm and 120mm mortar rounds. Large crowds of people gathered outside, fearful that the bombardment might harm the prisoners but they were assured by the fighters that they knew the layout of the prison camp very well.

                          Mafkarat al-Islam's correspondent in Baghdad reported that the fighters succeeded in destroying part of the walls of the prison camp, blasting a hole four meters long in the inner and outer fences that encircled the camp.

                          The fate of Fatima and the other woman with her is unknown.

                          On a final note, an individual responded to Fatima's letter yesterday on the Ansar site and wrote:

                          "Sorry, sister, we are not men. Only true men can answer your cry for help. Men are in a very short supply these days. Sorry again sister."

                          It is comments like these that speak to the lack of honor and duty that characterizes many Muslims today. At JUS, we have insisted that rape has been going on since the occupiers landed their muddy boots in Iraq, which has for the most part, fallen on dead ears. We feel great frustration and failure over the receipt of Fatima's letter because we know there are many more Fatimas being raped in prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan and many other sisters who are being violated who are not in captivity. What must we do to make these voices heard and where are the Muslim men to defend their honor?

                          In previous times, glory and honor were integrated into the lives of Muslims as part of the complete system of Islam. For instance, a man tied the end of that woman's dress to a chair while she was shopping and when she got up, a portion of her private parts became visible. She screamed "Wa Mu'atasima", calling for the Khalif himself. The Khalif wrote this letter to the head of the cross worshipper's state:

                          "To the dog of Rome, I am coming to you with an army whose front is at your door and whose rear is right here"

                          This is honor and glory in action for something much less than rape. This is an army instead of 100 fighters. Those were the days when Muslim men could be found.?

                          .لا نريد زعيما يخاف البيت الإبيض
                          نريد زعيما يخاف الواحد الأحد
                          دولة الإسلامية باقية