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Salaah in motorcycle leathers

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  • Salaah in motorcycle leathers

    Salaam brothers and sisters,

    I am fairly new to embracing Islam, I have been bought up in an Islamic family however, I only recently started practising properly after finding myself crying in the fear of Allah. I dropped all the bad things i do in my life and Inshallah want to spend as much time as possible in pleasing Allah.

    One of my hobbies is Motorcycling, I tend to tour through the country a lot in my leather apparel, I have searched the net all over to no avail.

    My questions are, Can i perform Salaah whether in isolation or upon entering a mosque with my leather on? bearing in mind i do not wash the leathers, instead tend to clean them bi-weekly with alcohol free leather cleaning solution. The other issue is a long tour on a motorcycle would mean i would perspirate. A lot of flies etc land on my leathers too. The other option is to keep a change of clothes in a bag to perform Salaah in alternative clothes however i still would perspire on hot sunny days. Inshallah i wish to make every single Sallah for the rest of my life.

    The other question i have is, can i perform Salaah on the side of the road on my Motorcycle should i find myself in the wilderness?

    Thank you in advance for any advice


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    Re: Salaah in motorcycle leathers

    Yes, you can perform with your leather on, if it is free from impurities.

    You can perform Salaah on the side of the road, but you should face the right direction.
    To the people who feel obligated to reply to every single thread even if with a lol:
    Not every thread demands [one's] input, some are more advanced than [one's] thinking, so read and learn.
    Others are of subjects [one] has discussed many times before [so] just read them to see how others feel about a subject.
    - AbuM



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