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Muslim Women, Dogs, and Hijab in Islam

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  • Muslim Women, Dogs, and Hijab in Islam

    By Abdul Basit

    Al-Jazeerah, March 22, 2004

    I am writing this letter To answer the one part of letter written to Dr. Hassan El-Najjar by Donna Jmsn and MR Tim. They raised the Question that it is unfair for the women in the society to cover the hands and face. (Are Muslim women second-class citizens? By Hassan El-Najjar, Donna Jmsn, and Tim Symonds, Al-Jazeerah, November 26, 2003).

    This practice is not forced by men but this is a teaching of Islam and written in the Holy Qur'an for the ladies to cover their Bodies. I want to tell an incident which may, I hope, satisfy Donna Jmsn and MR Tim about why Islam advised and ordered woman to cover her body properly.

    Once, my mother told me to buy meat from the market. I went to the butcher's shop and told the butcher to give me a fine piece of Meat. When he wanted to put that piece of meat in a bag, I told him that he didn't need to. Instead, "give it to me, I will carry it in my hand," I said.

    I was going to my home. when I left the butcher shop a little away, I saw some Dogs. That are not brave dogs. Everyone knows that dogs have attraction for meat and also known as greedy. So when they saw the meat in my hand, I saw greed in their eyes. they wanted it but because they were not bold dogs so they just saw the meat with greedy eyes.

    When I crossed that place a little bit far, I saw some dogs again, those dogs were a little bit bold but not so much bold that they would bite you or run towards you. When they saw the piece of meat in my hand they looked with greed and also started barking but because they were not bold so they just barked at me.

    I crossed by those dogs too. when I reached in my street there were some more dogs. These were bold dogs. When they saw me, they ran towards me and suddenly picked the meat from my hand and ran away.

    I again went to the butcher's shop and told him to give me another piece of meat but this time to cover it by putting it in a black bag so that no one can see it. He did and gave it to me and I came back to home.

    I saw the first group of dogs. There was no greed for meat in their eyes because the piece of meat was covered in bag. I also saw the second group of dogs. They did not bark at me and none of them chased me or picked anything from me, like before. Finally, I entered in my home.

    So according to this story, we can see that ladies in any community has the sex attraction for men.

    When a woman is in the market or in the road, she will face a lot of men who are like these dogs. Some of these dogs will be greedy (lusty) but not bold. They will just gaze at you with greedy eyes but will not say anything to you because they are scared.

    But a woman will also see other dogs, who are also not bold so much but they will at least bark at these ladies, like they will speak some bad words.

    And sometimes the ladies also face the bold dogs who will pick them and rape them because they are bold dogs and will do what they want.

    So if a woman is covered properly, she may not face such trouble from dogs. This is the main reason for the lady to cover her body well.

    Miss Donna Jmsn and Mr Tim need to learn that what the teachings of Islam want from women to do is only for their own good.

    They also need to know that the place given to women in Islam is not given to them by any other religion.

    In Islam, there is a place for a woman to be a Mother, a Sister, a Daughter or a Wife. There is no place for a woman to be something like a "Girl Friend," which is taking advantage of her.

    Ladies have a lot of respect and liberty in Islam. They are only forbidden from the things which are not good for them.
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    Are Muslim women second-class citizens?
    URGENT!!! your help is badly needed - fundraising for marriage



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