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German Muslim woman gets creative with headscarves

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    But wearing it in a immodest way? Not correct at all...............

    The whole point of the "hijab" is to make men look and judge women for her inner beauty, not outer as it often leads to bad thoughts and lusts!

    I do not think any sister should go for this at all, remember elegance and modesty are the things which count the most :)!
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      Originally posted by abdulhakeem
      is that considered mocking the sunnah?
      [email protected] the heck is that??? why has she got it like over half her face n not even all her hair?? it looks like she's takin the mick
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        those pix r jst too funny :rotfl:

        if i ever seen a sis wearing it like tht..i'd probably turn round and let her know its not sitting right :p

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          Originally posted by anna2000uk
          [email protected] the heck is that??? why has she got it like over half her face n not even all her hair?? it looks like she's takin the mick
          Yes sis, lol

          One was big enough to cover her face but not her hair.
          Why not put that over your hair instead duh
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            those were the dumbest pics I've ever seen a total disrespect for hijab.

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              just to avoid confusion - the photo i posted was taken and installed by a turkish artist - it has nothing to do with the headscarf-designs of that muslim woman

              i posted it because it was related to the topic
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