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IT IS JUST A THOUGHT Jannah vs Jahannam vs Dunya Allah Jalla-Jalaluhu & Rasool-Allah

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  • IT IS JUST A THOUGHT Jannah vs Jahannam vs Dunya Allah Jalla-Jalaluhu & Rasool-Allah

    Jannah vs Jahannam vs Dunya
    Allah Jalla-Jalaluhu & Rasool-Allah [SAW]
    Husband, Wife, Kids, Money & Material Life

    From the title we can see is too many issues, too many places. I do not know what to tell you. We are supposed to be the believer, believer of what? Believer of whom? Believer of which place? And which one is more beloved to me? Which one occupies most of my thought, my thinking, my desire and my love? Which one is the most beloved to me? Which one is the most desirable in my heart? Which one really I believe in it? Am I a believer? Believer of whom?

    I remember when I was working for my company; I believed in my company, I believed in the product of my company. I never saw a company better than my company. I was so happy, I loved my company. I believed in the constitution of my company. I liked the way I was treated. When I use to go to different companies, some of the manager liked me and they offered me to leave my job with my company and work for them. I said no, I am comfortable, I am happy, I love my company. They tried to persuade me by offering me more money, more vacation time and even they told me, your future with us can be much secure and fruitful than your current company and they explained why.

    When I used to go to buy a product from some store, later on I passed by another store. The new store tried to persuade me to be their customer. I use to travel a lot. I meet many woman, many beautiful quality and each one try to persuade me that she can be a better wife and to leave my wife and go for a better one. Car; the same. House; the same. Location; the same. This challenge for the human being to always search for the best. We always want the best place, the most beautiful environment for me , the most beneficial companion, the job or the business, the one can give me the best opportunity, money, and the future and also the style of job I love and I feel comfortable with. Now stop for a moment and think, am I a believer? Believer of what?

    Am I a lover? A lover of what? Am I intelligent, searching for the best that can benefit me; companion, location, environment or a job? And even so, is my thinking, for all these questions, short term or long term? Do I do it systematically to achieve, to gain, something I love, and something can benefit me? We as a human being, if we are human being, we always go for what we believe is good for me, one that will benefit me, is desirable for me, and is beloved to my heart. It generates a feeling, a will, and strength until I achieve it because I believe in it.

    Take for example if I meet a man or a woman. I believe in their quality, their beauty, their status and what I can gain from them, and this varies between one person to another. It generates a strong feeling. This feeling keeps increasing until you engage in a relationship with this person. Apply this to a car, a piece of land, a piece of residence, even a piece of food.

    Now let�s stop for a moment or an hour and just think. Yesterday something happened to me. I was watching, listening, engaging with too many people and I can feel it. Maybe one or two; they might have stable personality from almost close to a hundred and the rest were unstable completely. I thought why. I said Subhaan Allah, Allah said the truth. What happen if human beings reach the level of �lost�? I look at the eyes, is lost. I look at the head movement, is defeated. I can sense the will, is almost not there. The majority of people I met were extremely weak. I cannot describe it to you how much weak they are; so weak. I think where it is coming from.

    Number one; no defined goal. Meaning no defined belief. Meaning no defined desire. Meaning no defined will. Meaning you cannot reach anything. I was looking to where I am and I saw a big pillar supporting the ceiling. Why the pillar exists? To carry the ceiling. Look at any house. No house is without a pillar. The more stronger and bigger the pillar, the bigger and stronger the house and can carry a lot of people and can be useful for a lot of things. All of a sudden it hit me. The people in front of me, they were lost, confused, not defined, and unstable. They go back and forth. Maybe sometime they are strong. Maybe 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, half an hour, an hour, a day. But I don�t think more than that and they go back to the defeated status. I was thinking, why? Why I and you and the majority of us go back and forth? Why we are not stable? Why I cannot be an achiever? Why I am a complainer? Why I am weak? Why I cannot carry a job? Keep adding.

    When an engineer designs a building; one of the questions he asks the one who want build the building is, what you are going to use the building for? How many occupants it will have? To set accordingly, the places, the amount and the strength of the pillars. According to the future building and how many people will occupy it, the engineer has to secure the building with enough pillar and base to carry on and able to handle the pressure of the future activity.

    Are you a thinker? Imagine you without a pillar or your pillar is very weak. How can you carry on? How you can handle pressure? I am talking to you now and all of a sudden a thought came to me.

    If I am a believer, believer of what? Do I have a pillar? Pillar of what? How big is my pillar, how strong is my pillar? It is my pillar. It is my belief. The one allow me to carry on, to open the door and the activity can be done in a safe and secure manner in the house, in the building, in my heart. Think about your heart as a house; the one will carry on all the activity. To care about all the daily activity, actually the whole life activity. It will carry all the pressure, all the amount of people in and out. Think about it as the building. Now imagine a building with one pillar all away in the middle. Do you see one? No corner no supporting pillar. Or did you ever see a building with no pillar at all just hanging in the air? I am talking to you now and I remember my Islam. And I remember Abdullah Ibn Abbas RA when he said, everything has to have a pillar and the pillar of the deen of Allah is La Ilaha Illa Allah. The pillar of la ilaha illa Allah is Qur�an and the pillar of Qur�an is the name of Allah SWT

    Why a building is shaking? Once a building is shaking, the department of safety has to demolish the building. They will say the building is unsafe and is ready to collapse. The pillar is cracking, the foundation is shaking, and the building is falling down. On the other hand if you go to Japan; Because of all the earthquakes and the amount of pressure, they invest a lot in the engineering and design of pillar and they make sure the building has a secure pillar can take care about everything. If you ask me, today we are bankrupt of existing pillar. If we have a real pillar, a very strong pillar, we will able to elevate and rise up a beautiful building. A building can carry a lot of activity and can handle a lot of pressure. Oh by the way. This only if I think ahead and I have a belief, desire, and love to achieve. The building can benefit me, return an income or it will generate revenue that can make me live comfortable or I am planning to stay with all my activity and my beloved family in this future building. Did you think so far about the future building of your heart, the one can lead you to the residence of Jannah or Jahannam? Do you ever think about preparing, developing, rising up a building? It gives you the joy, the peace and the tranquility and benefit you to gain the happiness, security and give you a beautiful future to generate an activity can benefit you and other. Look to a doctor�s office, how big? Look to a clinic, how big? Look to a hostel, how big? Look to the activity of each one, the more the activity the bigger the building, the bigger the foundation, the bigger the pillar.

    Do you ever think who are you? What is your role in life? Let�s go back to the word �belief�. No child or young boy or girl, man or woman cannot tell you about the five pillars of Islam. Why Rasool Allah SAW call it a pillar? On other hand, you have what is called the six articles of faith. Lets go to the building again. If I have faith in my project in my future building; the more stronger my faith, I go to a bigger and more advanced engineering firm to design my future building and the rest we know. By this way if my faith is concrete and strong, I will make all the effort to develop the pillar. If I develop the pillar my building can rise up.

    Now ask yourself, why am I shaking? Why I have no certainty? Why I have no pillar? Why I have no faith? Meaning, why I have no building? Why I have no future goal? All of the above mean, I have no belief. Does this make sense? Do you know who am I and who you are? Do we know our goal in life? Again what happens if I am already lost? Can I go to the engineer and tell him I want a hospital but I am going to spend 10 rupee to build it and I want a clinic and I am willing to spend one lac and I want a doctor office and I am willing to spend ten lacs and I want a bathroom and I am willing to spend million lacs. By this way for the hospital, the one will carry all the future activity and all my goal and my business, I am spending the minimum which is NO WAY. NO WAY. It will never happen. Now when you look at us today. Dunya Vs Akhira. The noble and blessed job and the title Allah give us; the one can lead us to carry on all the activity, to benefit me and mankind and to lead me to the revenue of blessing and reward in this life and hereafter which is Jannah. For this I am doing, giving and spending the minimum. And for my destruction, lost, slavery to dunya and Jahannam, I am giving, doing, spending, loving and scarifying the maximum.

    And after that I ask myself why I am shaking. Imagine I get a big refrigerator or a small building and I put a toothpick as pillar and I want the building to rise up. You have the answer, I need not answer you. Even if I go to the mental institute and I meet some of the crazy in mental institute and I tell them; let�s build a building and I have a toothpick as a pillar. They will agree, they are crazy but do you know what will happen? The moment we start the work and put little bit of weight over the toothpick, the toothpick is broken and crazy people will laugh at me. Did you hear me? The crazy people will laugh at me. And they will wave at me and say, look he is a crazy. He is really crazy�ha ha ha and keeps laughing. Imagine me and you. The believer the sophisticated, the educated, the so arrogant and we believe we are so sophisticated. If you have a certificate from mental institute and it certifies that you are mentally disabled and you are crazy and unstable and you go to a mental institute, the crazy people will watch your behavior and you will be rejected. Because you exceeded all the level of craziness. Something is deep wrong with you.

    Who am I? Why am I not stable? Why am I hesitant? Why am I weak? Why am I not an achiever? Why am I not a defined person? Why am I not normal? Because I am not a believer. Now let me be honest with you. All what you heard before, it needs a solid ground not a shaky ground to put the pillar to carry the building. The solid ground is your believe. If your belief is strong, the pillar is strong, the building is strong. Activity will be very soon.

    All of the above is just a thought. Do you get it? Let me give you a pre-requisite for any defined believer, love and desire to be and willing to have, a will to be.

    Reflect, think, and go back to introductory of the name of Allah SWT. Because you need thinking, thought, reflection
    If you come to a conclusion and if you want guidance and if you seek it, He will guide you.
    After Allah guides you, He want you to value His guidance and make the maximum effort to safe, guard and nourish the tree of guidance.
    You have to do the utmost, the maximum, if you are a believer. The more you do the more you give, the more spend, the more you receive.
    Now time, money, thinking, desire, love everything will be for whom? For your guidance.
    Now if you are honest, sincere and have truthfulness in your heart, you will runaway from every environment that can cause weakness, shaking, cracking your foundation and pillar of your belief. And you will be running, willing to do and spend the maximum of your body, money, resources to stabilize your faith and guidance.
    If you do all of the above, guidance will increase. Strength will increase, desire will increase, love will increase, will will increase. Now you are developing, searching, concreting the pillar of your faith.
    Now you are ready to rise up the building. The future business for you in this life and hereafter.
    Any wrong decision or swinging in environment or companionship will result in major cracks in the pillar and foundation you just started which will be the cause of collapse before even continuing the work on the pillar of your building. Example:
    How you spend your time? With whom you spend your time? Who is the most favorite companion and why? If you not married, who will be your future husband or wife? What kind of decision making for education, business any daily or future activity. Is no way you will stabilize yourself unless you stabilize the environment and surroundings of environment to be able to put the pillar. Refer to any engineering handbook about building foundation. It is the same. We have the best to develop all of the above i.e. the Qur�an. The one containing the map to go back to where you are coming from i.e. the heaven. All of the above is only for those who want to believe, call themselves a believer, and stabilize themselves once and for all. Develop strength and say Bi Ismillah Tawakaltu A�la Allah and go forward to build block by block�pillar by pillar until the building is secure , strong , carry or can carry all the activities and pressure to achieve the final chapter, the final destination, the one you built it by your own hand.

    by-Da'ee Ahmed Moait

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