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Dealing with a Person with these traits

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  • Dealing with a Person with these traits

    As salaam alaikum,

    I want to know how do you deal with a person who is arrogant, snotty and think he/she-knows-it-all?

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    Re: Dealing with a Person with these traits

    Avoid them as much as possible.
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      Re: Dealing with a Person with these traits

      just avoid them.


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        Re: Dealing with a Person with these traits

        You have a few options:

        - Stand your ground
        - Pick your battles
        - Ignore the person

        Actually when I first encountered dealing with someone like this on another forum, my first response was to try to talk some sense into him in a rational and accomodating manner so that he would understand we're just discussing as one Muslim to another. Sometimes that can work and establish a boundary that you discuss as two Muslims, not as adversaries and this can help you both listen and acknowledge each other. The problem is if either of you stray outside that boundary and try to get pushy. In my experience an arrogant person will get pushy until you back down and when that happens you have to change tactics and be more assertive in order to stand up for yourself.

        I think a mixture of all three of these seems to work. Sometimes it's just little silly comments that aren't worth fighting over so just ignore it and let it slide sometimes otherwise you'll be having non stop arguments and wear yourself out.

        Sometimes 'pick your battles', so if the arrogant person affects something important like tries to mislead someone to make a wrong decision, then answer back concisely and then stand your ground because the person will keep trying to knock you down for it.

        I have to deal with such a person on another forum and it can be quite tiring especially as the rest of the forumites (including admins) know he's wrong but prefer to ignore him and hope he'll get bored and move on but meanwhile he's wreacking havoc all over the place. This is another thing you have to be very wary of with such an individual- that even if he or she is blatantly wrong and everyone knows that, most people will want to ignore the problem and hope it goes away so don't expect to get much support merely because you are right. Often an arrogant person will intimidate or push people around into backing down either for the sake of avoiding a long winded argument or due to feeling too intimidated to answer back. Either way such people need to be dealt with in a manner that hopefully wont deplete you too much.
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