Don't we dislike lengthy excuses of disrespectful people, their repeated illogical reasoning & irresponsible behavior? At times to convince us they use crying as a tool to convert our anger into pity. Fake beggars use ‘crying’ to collect more charity, because it softens our heart. But when their reality is revealed to us, no one likes to talk to/help them ever again!

But there is ONE who loves it more the lengthier we make (even fake) excuses & cries in front of HIM, because HE loves listening to our talks, no matter when & for how long we whine in front of HIM. He is the Almightiest of all; still His doors are always open without any need for timings/ appointment. After seeking HIS help, 100% solution to all our problems is guaranteed. He becomes unhappy with us only when we don’t seek HIS help.

Those who can't cry, the prophet sallallahu aleyhi wasallam advised them to make a ‘crying’ face in front of Allah subhana wa'ta'aala. We may learn this art from the beggars at the doors of rich people, who keep coming back no matter how many times they are kicked out/ insulted. Our lord doesn’t insult us; still we don’t benefit from the most generous of ALL. No one else deserves our pleading because we are only HIS registered beggars.