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Over $ 40 billion worth of Muslim community property unaccounted for.

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  • Over $ 40 billion worth of Muslim community property unaccounted for.

    and if the allegations turn out to be true then the Custodians are the likely culprits and they happen to be Muslims .

    This is just the case in one such state in India and we have other states with large muslim population . Corrupt Scamsters who are supposed to be Muslim Leaders have sold the community's wealth at a pittance and keep begging for Muslim rights from the Hindu Politicians while these properties could have been sufficient for the community's development .

    Karnataka Waqf scam is the tip of the iceberg

    By Mohammad Naushad Khan, The Milli Gazette Online

    Published Online: Apr 09, 2012

    Illegal encroachment, sale and purchase of waqf land at throw away prices has now become a normal phenomenon but after revaluation the scale of the waqf scam in Karnataka which is even bigger than the spectrum scam and calls for some remedial measures based on the recommendation of the Sachar Committee report on waqf land and also as suggested or demanded by Muslim organisations.Anwar Manipaddy, Chairman of the Committee and Karnataka Minorities Commission while talking to reporters in Bangalore recently said, "I have submitted a report on the alleged Wakf Board land scam running into more than Rs.2 lakh crore to Chief Minister D. Sadananda Gowda which will be tabled on the floor of the Assembly. Apart from powerful politicians, several Wakf Board members, Wakf officials, middlemen and land mafia have been involved in the scam." There are also reports on the possible nexus between Waqf officials and land mafia as the waqf property in the state has been misused since 1954. The panel was constituted by the government in 2011 following complaints and media reports on the role of politicians and Wakf Board officials in the illegal sale of land to individuals. Manipaddy has asked the government to set up a high-power committee to check corrupt activities taking place in the Wakf Board and appoint a task force to get back Wakf properties sold illegally.As per the report, 38 Congress leaders have been named and during the last ten years of the total 54,000 acres of Waqf board's registered land around 22,000 to 27,000 acres of land has been either illegally encroached or sold. In its finding, the Committee has established that most of the irregularities have been noted in the transfer of government land to private individuals. In between 2001 and 2012, the irregularities have been said to be the maximum. In this period waqf land was illegally transferred to private individuals and institutions. Minority Affairs Minister Salman Khursheed in his reaction said that it is a state matter and if the state wants, it can inform the Centre. The Wakf property scam in Karnataka has no doubt generated some heat in the Legislative Assembly but will this heat take the matter to its logical conclusion or will it simply fade out like all other issues. Sachar Committee in order to bring down malfunctioning and irregularity had earlier recommended formation of a new waqf cadre on the lines of civil services hoping that this type of institution in the long run would ensure proper functioning of the Central Waqf Council and State Waqf Boards. As per Sachar Committee report there are about 5 lakh registered Wakfs with 600,000 acres (2,400 km2) land in India worth Rs 6,000 crore. According to an another estimates Waqf property in India are to the tune of Rs 1.2 lakh crore which can provide annual returns of Rs 12,000 crore.It is generally believed that the profit which could accrue from Waqf alone if utilised meticulously can help Muslims to at least address some of the their genuine problems in a meaningful way.
    Where there are no Ulemah(Scholars) there are many Muftis.

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