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How to enjoy your videos with Total Video Converter?

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  • FuMu
    Re: How to enjoy your videos with Total Video Converter?

    I cant enjoy a good night sleep.

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  • How to enjoy your videos with Total Video Converter?

    I have a nephew who is so lovely, I love him very much. I like to see his changes eveyday. But I live far away from them, I told my eldest sister to record all the changes of my nephew with cannon camera. Then send the videos to me. Sometimes I find that I can't play some of them just because of the format. I try to look for some ways to solve it, so I find Aiseesoft Total Video Converter. It is so amazing software, which converts nearly all my videos to any format at my will. Now I could see my nephew anytime and anywhere. Thanks for Aiseesoft Total Video Converter.

    Here I will share with you how to use it:

    Step 1: Load Video
    You can load your videos into the converter by clicking "Add File"

    Step 2: Choose output info
    This converter provides you many output profiles for you to choose, you can choose your output profiles according to your need. And also you can just choose a certain video format.

    You can also adjust the settings of your output profiles. You can even save a certain settings as your own output settings.

    Step 3: Conversion
    Click "Start" button to begin your conversion and few mins later you can get your video.

    Tips: How to effect, trim and crop the video to improve your output video quality.
    After your Load your video you can click "Effect" button to access the effect panel

    1: Effect
    Adjust the video effect as you want: Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Deinterlacing.

    2: Trim
    Clip your video, pick up any part of your video to convert.
    You have 3 ways to do trim:

    a.Dragging the slider

    b.Controlling the "Trim From" and "Trim To" button

    c.Setting the Start and End time

    3: Crop
    Adjust video size, Cut off the black edge of your video to let you enjoy your movie in full screen by click the 'Crop' button
    You have 2 ways to do crop:

    a.Move your mouse cursor onto one of the eight small adjustment boxes on the cropping frame and drag the crop frame to crop the video such as cutting off top and bottom black bar. The cropped result will be shown on the Output Preview at the same time

    b.Type the value directly or set the value in "Left", "Right" and "Cropped area size" area to set the position of the cropping frame.

    You can also select the aspect ratio from the Zoom Mode drop-down list. There are 4 choices for you: Full Screen, 16:9, 4:3 and Keep Original.

    After you convert your videos you can put your video to iPod, Windows Movie Maker,, and other player without any problem.

    If you are a Mac user, you could use this Aiseesoft Video Converter for Mac.


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