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Make a Wish: What do you wish for?

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  • Make a Wish: What do you wish for?

    I put this question to my esteemed mentor Shaykh Mohammed Daniel and he replied thus:

    "This sounds to me to be the story in which Sayyidina Abdullah Ibn Umar ibn Khattab(RA) the great Sahabi and erudite scholar of this Ummah, showed his extreme sagacity in the company of three of the tabi'een.

    Musab Ibn Zubair ibnul Awwam (RA), Urwah ibn Zubair ibnul Awwam (RA) and Abdul Malik ibn Marwan were gathered one day with Sayyidna Abdullah ibn Umar ibn Khattab(RA)

    Musab ibn Zubair said; As we are next to the Kaa'ba let us all make a wish (ta manuw) and Allah may accept our wish through the blessing of this gathering and your responding with 'Ameen'

    So they said to him, as you have suggested this, why don't you start by making your wish first.

    So Musab ibn Zubair said, "I wish to have the wilayah (governorship) of Iraq and marry both Sukainah bint Husain (RA) and Aisha bint Talha ibn UbaydUllah (RA).

    Then came the turn of Abdul Malik ibn Marwan and he said, "I wish to become the Khalifah of Muslims one day"
    Then came the turn of Urwah ibn Zubair who said, "I want to be a leading Faqih and that people come to me seeking knowledge"
    Then came the turn of Abdullah Ibn Umar (RA) who said, "As for me, my wish is only for Jannah"

    Each of them lived to see their wish come true. As for Abdullah ibn Umar (RA) then inshAllah his wish will also come true in the hereafter.

    It has a weak chain of narration, however there are many lessons to be learnt from it.

    Source and more
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    Re: Make a Wish: What do you wish for?

    Wish.Ehadikumullah.I wish to reform the real Islam.Who is there to help me?
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