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Nervous, irritable or depressed

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  • Nervous, irritable or depressed

    Many times the people are feeling depressed, upset, tired or just nervous without to know why. An important reason could be the lack of the chrome. The lately reseach advise to eat between 20 and 200 milligrams/day. Foods rich in chrome: meat, liver, cereals, yoghurt without ingredients, walnut, yeast, fresh fruits. Effects on health: increase the immunity system, the function of the muscle, adjustment of the appetite, prevention of obesity and diabetes(II). :) - from Jurnalul national nr.3273

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    what is chrome- exactly i.e. mineral or what?


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      Originally posted by Sophiya
      what is chrome- exactly i.e. mineral or what?
      metal i think
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      .:Fa Firroo Ila-llaah:.
      “People praise you for what they suppose is in you,
      but you must blame your soul for what you know is in you.”
      ~ Ibn Atallah

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        really- never seen it on the periodic table in chemistry maybe it is a mixture of different metals....


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          take it from a medic - there is no evidence for the majority of claims made by the so-clalled "experts".....
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            Sorry i wanted only to say how important is to eat fresh foods and what i wrote above. I never could realise the bad mood can be related to what we are eating. I will search in the next days more about chrome, right now i found only one site
            The first article was translated from the news paper and its a doc opinion, thats why i posted.:)


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              Some fact about "CHROMIUM":

              Chromium is a mineral.

              Necessary for; aid groth, help preveinting high blood pressure, works with insulin in metabolism of sugar. work as a deterrent for diabetes.

              deficiency of Chromium can lead to a arteriosclerosis and diabetes.

              50 to 200 mcg is recommended adult intake.

              If you are low in chromium, you can substitute with 50 mg a day of zinc. (another very important mineral).

              Natural food for zinc and chromium are:

              brewer`s yeast, corn oil, wheat germ, shell fish.

              You also can find the supplements in multimineral preparetion.

              older people have lower chromium and need supplement.

              Foods lead to chromium seficency are:

              sugar, starchy food, like: macheroni, white bread, white rice.
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