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First Going to Church

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    Re: First Going to Church

    they told me the first 5 surahs of Quran are from the bible lol, morons.
    Originally posted by Sheroo View Post
    Jehovah's are a really committed bunch. In my area (majority Muslim), they've been operating for many years, they disappeared for a few years because one chap knocked on my father's door and got invited in, then my father pulled out my copy of The Bible (given to me from school) and continued to point out every mistake in it. The poor Jehovah's Witness was out of his depth, asked to be excused and never knocked on our door for years!

    Last week, two ladies from this group knocked on my door, when I opened it, one of them took a step forward and this is how the conversation went:

    JW: 'aslaam alaikam' very slowly,
    ME: 'Hi' with a polite smile
    JW: 'I'm learning Urdu' with a smile
    ME: 'But, that's Arabic?'
    JW: 'Oh!, Is it?' with total look of confusion
    ME: 'Yes'
    JW: 'Whats the difference between them?'
    ME: 'They're two different languages, it's like comparing French and English'
    JW: 'Ah, ok, well anyway, can I show you this pamphlet about Abraham, we both agree about him'
    ME: 'Except we don't believe he looks anything like that', The pamphlet had a picture of a European fella with a big beard
    JW: Looks nervous, says thanks and walks away
    Know that the life of this world is but amusement and diversion and adornment and boasting to one another and competition in increase of wealth and children...

    -Quran (57:20)


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      Re: First Going to Church

      I guess there really is no point in trying to get people to respect and understand everyone. I mean I could bring bad examples of "Muslims" here, but I'm not going to bc I realize that every man is at fault sometimes.

      I didn't want this thread to be a bash Jehovah's Witness thread, Like I said, I have high respect for these people. If you guys knew what is was that they teach, you would agree that it is the closest christian sect to Islam.

      So please, if you are going to continue bashing them, please move it to a different thread where I won't read it. Thank you


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        Re: First Going to Church

        Aaah sister, you've got the wrong end of the stick, I don't think anyone is bashing Jehovah's witnesses, at least I wasn't but just detailing our personal experiences and advising those who might let their guard down.

        Please understand, from their perspective they think they are doing the 'right' thing, but for us, they are trying to sway us from the true path. Infact in my case I had four children in my house and the first question they asked was 'who were those ladies?', I/we have to equip our children to ensure they can answer the points raised.