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Prayer/Wudu Issues In America?

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    Re: Prayer/Wudu Issues In America?

    they have to be leather socks,not just any socks should be able to get them from a islamic shop


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      Re: Prayer/Wudu Issues In America?

      Originally posted by .mirror. View Post
      You can only run your wet hands over leather socks or something similar to it.
      This is not the opinion I take, and thus I just wished to mention there is likely a difference of opinion.
      If you have any questions feel free to PM me!

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      There is a possibility a female might use this account to read something!


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        Re: Prayer/Wudu Issues In America?

        I believe Salafi scholars say you can do it over cotton socks, but the maddhabi scholars don't. Allahu alam.
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